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    WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR FORUM!!!!???? We have been pushed to the side again.

    The biggest problem is actually that 99% of the ME/CFS questions and answers are now dumped into the FIBRO section! ...When it was together, it was no problem, because there were so many overlapping symptoms overall. To separate by dumping 99% into Fibro and then leaving ME/CFS alone in the cold...
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    WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR FORUM!!!!???? We have been pushed to the side again.

    What happened? I come here and see that everything is gone! Fibromyalgia seems to have a lot of posts and attention, as it often gets in our society. But, ME/CFS has nearly NOTHING!!? WHY???
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    Where did all of the MECFS posts go? Why did it all go to Fibromyalgia?!?!

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ME/CFS was the reason I came here for over a decade. Now if people see that there is nothing left in that forum, it feels like there is no more place for us. We are pushed out! Many other people feel the same way. This was a mistake to separate everything. You...
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    A Note About the New Forums Layout

    Why would you do this???? I can't believe the forum is emptied out. You gave up on ME/CFS and Lyme Diseases. You made it only about Fibromyalgia, the disease which already has the most support! Why would you do this???
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    Dr Montoya Talks in a Conference Call with CDC about CFS/ME - And YOU are invited!

    Why is this posted in the Fibromyalgia section, and not in the ME/CFS section? Dr Jose Montoya is an ME/CFS specialist. He works for the Stanford Chronic Fatigue Syndrome clinic. Though he helps others with Fibro as a secondary, he is primarily a CFS doctor.
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    worried about watery tools / bowel movements, extra sickly -- Any guidance?

    Hi guys, I have had ME/CFS for over fifteen years. I have had this odd new symptom that is really staring to scare me! I do not want to make anyone feel grossed out, so I will try to explain this as nicely as possible... Sometimes, about an hour or so after I have a bowel movement (BM), I...