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    Night Owls

    I think my brain also likes nights for the quiet. I am identical in waking up at 5p.m and what everyone has described. From time to time I try to fix it by going to sleep a bit later every night to push it forward to proper time. It stays at proper time for a while then slides back. I think the...
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    to mbofov re Myhill

    Well with me Dr Myhill said that you have to take all the supplements at once otherwise you won't improve, not one at a time. I just got much worse on them. I think that the brands she recommended simply had chemicals that I could not tolerate inside them. Her elimination diet was more severe...
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    to mbofov re Myhill

    I never recovered from her treatment. Her vitamins and supplements made me feel worse. I lost weight on her elimination diet. The EPD injections gave me more allergies. I think she made them up wrong. I wish I had stopped her treatment earlier. I don't recommend her as a doctor. I think...
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    Anyone doing the Myhill Protocol lately?

    On the subject of Dr Myhill, I worsened on her protocol. The EPD injections were bad for me. The diet was too narrow for me to keep a decent weight and health on it. (If you think about it, there is no real research published that says the Paleo diet will make all people with ME healthy - or...
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    Travel out of the question?

    ...due to my illness being very severe. I tend to have the same dilemma you have on smaller things like going shopping locally or having to cancel a medical massagist. I could so relate to your dilemma. From your writing I suggest you cancel it. You don't have to make excuses or feel bad for...
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    I feel so blah today.

    No one knows why we get these things. It is not from abuse. I was not abused and I got this at age 15 after a virus. A lot of psycobablers say fibro is caused by abuse because they want to say we are just mentally ill. We are not. That is what gets me angry about this desease. The muscle pain I...
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    I Feel Like Giving Up...

    Waiting2breath - just want to thank you for writing and venting because it actually helped me. I also get upset over the brain fog, sleeping in daytime, constant pain and life passing. I could relate to everything you said and it helped to read your post. I think you must be a wonderful and...
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    Feeling like I'm not digesting food..

    Gastroparesis - where food sits in the stomach and you feel full after a few bites is very common with CFS.<BR> Fructose intolerance is common with M,E according to Dr Meirleir.<BR> Gluten intolerance is also common in this too.<BR> <BR> I avoid gluten, cows milk, soya...
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    Any Temazapam users?

    If you want to reduce Temazepam, you need to reduce it gradually. It's from the benzopine (spelling?) family of drugs like valium, clonex etc. so it's addictive and hard to get off for some people. I am stuck on clonex for the same reason. The best way is to reduce 10% at a time or even better...
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    In Appreciation of Dr Jay A Goldstein

    Thanks Grateful patient. I think I'll try emailing the Australian doctor over Dr Pawluk. I came all the way from Israel to Dr Goldstein, though I'm of British origin. I think I was the only Israeli to see him. I had to book the air flight in advance and could not extend things for more than 2...
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    In Appreciation of Dr Jay A Goldstein

    Where did you get the disc shaped device with the magnetic pulse from? I would like to try that. I myself saw Dr Goldstein in 1998. The only things that helped me that I got from him were baclofen and clonex. At this time those drugs were not in use very much for fibro and CFS. I also got the...
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    Ladies with Fibromyalgia and periods

    Thanks Tigerlilea. I will check this. I never knew about this.
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    Ladies with Fibromyalgia and periods

    Thanks for answering. What brand of prgesterone cream do you buy or where do you buy it? Does it effect hormone levels in the blood or have side effects? How do you know how much to use?[This Message was Edited on 01/27/2011]
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    if money was not an issue do you think it would help your cfs/fm

    Every severe chronic illness that does not have a cure is going to be a bit more comfotable if you have the money. But that's all it would be ...- *just a bit* more comfotable. If I were a billionaire I don't think it would make much difference to my now being housebound. The only difference...
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    Ladies with Fibromyalgia and periods

    The week before my period is a guarenteed pain hell. I sometimes am also depressed or have anxiety in that week but that is totally separate to the pain. The pain in the week before my period is so intense you can't mistake it for depression or anything. Then once I get my period or sometimes...