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    What do you think of the new forums?

    Thank you very much Ian! It's been a labor of love. We are redesigning the disease homepages too, and I think they will revolutionize the way patients get their information. Plus we will be adding user a user generated treatment/remedy rating program where patients can rate things they've...
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    Hi Mikie, I want you to know how immensely I respect and admire the good work you have done on...

    Hi Mikie, I want you to know how immensely I respect and admire the good work you have done on the forums for all of these years. You are truly an unsung hero and I am fortunate to have you working for patients on my site. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Rich
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    Thanks for such a nice message Paula, and I think you got the point exactly right--or at least as I see it. Most people seem to like the new forums more than the old forums, and we will only get better from here. Rocking on, Rich :)
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    Moving Archived Disability/Benefits Posts

    Hi gang, I love that idea, so let's do it. Power to the patients! Rich
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    Hi fellow patients, I have made a few quick notes that I will be talking to our Internet crew about, and please don't be shy about sharing your ideas and giving us suggestions. I want you all to know that we are doing the best that we can. The format that was introduced under ProHealth's former...
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    Thank you for your kind message. You sound like a very nice person, and it was nice of you to explain the situation with a new format to that angry person... The Forum software is identical to the software used by PhoenixRising, and guess what--ProHealth's consultant on our new forums is Cort...
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    There has been a request for a Lyme Forum...

    Hi, my name is Rich Carson and I am the founder of ProHealth. I would like to share my thoughts about the road ahead for the ProHealth forums, and for ProHealth itself. I would love to see a Lyme forum here as well, and I am happy to tell you that will happen in just a matter of time--probably...
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    Confused about Rich Carson's Mercury protocol

    The mercury protocol that I started almost 10 years ago made a huge difference in my health, as I began to have more and more energy, and other aspects of my health began to improve. Most notably, my exercise tolerance continued to increase to the point that I felt stronger than my athletic...
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    ME/CFS name change is not good enough or acceptable

    Hi standessin, I totally agree that we need to place an emphasis on education--particularly of the medical community. Dr. Leonard Jason published research showing that new physicians undergoing their internship judged patients as much sicker - and as having a far more serious illness - when...
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    ME/CFS name change is not good enough or acceptable

    The goal of the Campaign is to drop ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ as soon as possible. ME/CFS does that, though it still contains CFS—a problem for patients who want any vestige of that name erased completely. I assume most of us fit into that category. It is important to note that ‘CFS’ is...
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    "Mild" CFS sufferer looking for ways to help

    Hi Scott, It is very nice of you to ask to help. Please take a glance at the effort to change the name 'chronic fatigue syndrome'--Campaign for a Fair Name. If it sounds interested, and you would like to do some volunteer work, let me know. Your support would be appreciated. That goes for...
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    Free SH At the Store Here

    Bless you Mikie--you are the greatest! Rich
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    Juicing for Health

    I make about 25 ounces of fresh vegetable juice every day, and I start in the morning with about 16 ounces of fresh juice. I pour the remaining juice into one or two additional glasses, cover tightly with foil or plastic wrap, and refrigerate to enjoy later in the day. My recipe was given...
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    CFS Name Change Advisory Committee grows

    Thanks Marie. Dr. Hyde would have been on the short list of great candidates if he did most of his work in the US. Best wishes for a healthy New Year. Rich
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    I can't tell you how grateful I am that people have benefited by using the board. It was an idea I thought might have merit, and all of a sudden, Wham!--it has a life of its own. The board is powered by the positive energy and hopes and dreams of the people who use it. I would be willing to...