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    Well, today I was here reading one of Cort's blogs about what I call the Fab2: Mark and Ron Davis, not related, from the Stanford ME/CFS studies, and said, "hey,you, you haven't stopped by the forums in years...go see who's still around!" So here I come, and there is Mikie and grannyluvsyu, and...
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    Dr Kerrs recent paper on SNPs in ME

    Can't wait for the appropriate testing of patients diagnosed with ME or CFS. This will be a very significant way to delineate subgroups.
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    May 12 international M.E. awareness day!

    Every day is May 12 in my book! Please don't wait for next year! Become an activist and help get out the word about next May's BIG plan... and/or can help you get up to date. Hello to all my old (and older!) friends; so nice to see so many of you still here and...
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    Nodules in lungs? Anyone?

    Have 7mm nodule in one lung and "many" in both; unknown cause. Tested neg. for fungal and mycos... Any ideas? skeptik2
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    PLEASE POST YOUR GOOD DOCTOR HERE :) :) :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I haven't been here in awhile, but hello to all my fellow ME/CFS friends! I'd like to know: how does one find a doctor in their area on this site here? San Antonio TX Be as well as can be, all! XXOo
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    feel so bad how do u cope?

    Have you been tested for POTS, NMH or OI? The dizziness suggests you have a problem with blood pressure, to me. Many patients do have this. The first two years I was sick I was bedridden. I realized much later that my body was enforcing complete rest or I would really have been much much...
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    breathing trouble

    My doc says it is anxiety related; prescribed three mild dose Xanas a day and it helps enormously. However, if you are meds sensitive or don't want them, try lying down, taking 3 to 5 deep breaths consciously, in through your nose and out through pursed lips, almost "whistling" and slowly...
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    BUMP May 2013 is being planned very soon. These comments by Tom are still mostly relevant (excepting the XMRV status), and much is being done now by researchers that may hold answers for us soon. Please note that rescind dot org is not operating right now, as there is no money to keep it...
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    Need some Valcyte (Valgancyclovir) input Plz!

    I have a fellow CFS friend who took the Valcyte for two years and became completely well from the HHV6, then took Valtrex for the EBV and is really highly active now. There was some "herxing", but nothing totally unlivable. The dose of Valcyte was 900mg 2x daily. Don't know the dose of Valtrex...
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    Lab report, not so good

    My dr kept asking me to take statins and I refused; I asked him...."how would I know if I was getting that rhabdomyolisis (sp?) if I have FM and muscle pain?" He had no answer. So I keep refusing them. I started 500 mg time release niacin daily and he was astonished at my level sinking rapidly...
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    Fibro and Hemochromotosis

    lorashel, I am so sorry to hear about this horrible pain you are in and the ordeal you are going through personally, but in addition to that, having to worry about your family having it also. Could you explain simply what this is? And why it causes pain?
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    Chest Wall Pain - painful and breathing issues - Help!

    I was at the ER with it some year or two ago. The prescribed Indocin to reduce the inflammation. I find now that I can use a heating pad at the first signs of it and it helps me so much! Interesting about the CO and GS...I shall see about adding them to my regimen, just to ward off any more...
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    My hair loss was from infection of the follicles of the hair. A course of antibiotics took care of the problem, which caused sores on my head also.
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    Where are the later threads; 2006 seems to be the latest.<BR> <BR> skeptik2
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    Most of these are from 2006; where is the rest of the story, Rich? <BR> <BR> skeptik2