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    Reeves criteria - Congratulations to all those who put the issue on the map

    We can't thank you enough for what you're doing. spinetti
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    Good to hear from you! Hang on please. I think there is new hope now. spinetti
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    Cheney Patients: What Brand Inosine?

    It comes as 500mg tablets. I'm into my second month now following Dr. Cheney's schedule. Taking 6 per day M-F, followed by 2 per day M-F. I believe this schedule can be found in the library here at PH, or at Phoenix Rising's library. I take all the pills at once in the morning. So far I've...
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    CFSAC Blood Supply

    Ditto! See you at the other place. I really shouldn't be posting. I'm running on fumes. Should take my own advice. j spinetti ETA: A, tee, didn't Peter Jennings pass away? [This Message was Edited on 11/03/2009]
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    CFSAC Blood Supply

    Thanks for doing a great job and adding your newspaper experience. I do have a concern about 20/20. I can't imagine John Stossel doing us any good. He likes to promote his own controversial opinions and is not objective. He does not have the stature or credibility XMRV deserves. 60 Minutes or...
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    Kathleen Sebelius now is the time for a petition email

    Her email address is I got this from the NAME site For those with difficulty sending written mail.
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    Suggestion for CFSAC Youtube posters...........................

    Thank you very much! Getting those videos up was so important. I sent my brother the link to Dr. Joan Grobstein's video yesterday writing, "If you want to understand what this definition thing is all about, here it all is in five minutes." And, she got Peter White in there, too! Here's the...
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    Suggestion for CFSAC Youtube posters...........................

    ditto! Wanda Jones has been very responsive. I sent her an email thanking her for conducting the meeting and for the webcast. She sent me a nice note right back from her Blackberry. We should all be grateful to Khalyal for getting the videos up so quickly on YouTube. They are a great resource.
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    Kathleen Sebelius now is the time for a petition email

    I'm pretty out of it today. I've been sending emails to Washington Post to try to get them to pay some attention to XMRV and WPI study. I just read where you said, "When I'm onto something, I fight hard." Same here. Thanks. I'm sure somebody here will pop in and answer your questions. One...
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    CFSAC recommendations: We did it!

    If I could have my one choice for coverage, that would be it. Once they get on to something, they do it right. 60 Minutes has really broken open many neglected issues. Good work, Tina. Thanks. That's so important. I hope others do the same. [This Message was Edited on 10/31/2009]
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    CFSAC recommendations: We did it!

    After plenty of rest, of course. As far as I know, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, who would be Kathleen Sebelius now, has never even sent a reply to the CFSAC recommendations -- let alone acted on them. We must let Sec. Sebelius know this is no longer acceptable. I'm working on...
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    CFSAC recommendations: We did it!

    Great job! I never thought I would see this happen. Let's be hopeful!
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    Last chance for CFS petition: Only need 75 more signatures!

    I thought it was that important.
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    Hillary Johnson interview

    It looks like the interview is from 1996 after Osler's Web came out. I think Hilary has been a great advocate for us. She certainly doesn't pull any punches these days. I'll have to go back and finish reading it when I'm more rested. Thanks for posting this Linda. I hadn't seen it. Spinetti
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    Speak out about the Reeves definition delaying XMRV/XAND research

    This is part of what I wrote: Please take a moment and sign this petition. The CDC is very influential all over the world. Additional signatures are very important right now. It's for a good cause. You just need to give them...