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    Did anyone watch Dr Phil yesterday with that lady that has fibro?

    Yes, I think they spent too little time on the subject, too.
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    Does anyone take Lyrica Only Once a Day?

    I tried it at two different time periods in my life, but it didn't help me at all. As if I wasn't even taking it, sorry to say.
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    Lonely and depressed

    Lonely and depressed
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    Adrenal Fatigue (Cortisol Deficiency) And Insomnia-congrats . .

    What kind of Dr. does these tests? I have called several different ones including endoctrinologist and chiropractor/acupuncturist. When I mentioned having this done to my PCP she treated me like I was nuts and how dare I research this on my own.
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    Adrenal Fatigue (Cortisol Deficiency) And Insomnia-congrats . .

    I have been reading about cortisol and adrenal fatigue and even took a couple of online quizzes which predict that I have severe adrenal fatigue. When I suggested getting tested to my PCP today, she acted like I was nuts. She was rude to me the rest of the visit. She looked at me and said," You...
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    I can understand how you are so fed up with doctors. I would've sued the hospital big time. Unfortunately, they can afford expensive attorneys when we usually can't. I couldn't believe my doctor's reaction today when I suggested getting a cortisol test done. I told her I had been doing a lot of...
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    My muscles feel deeply bruised, part of FM?

    This is exactly how I describe my pain. Also, I tell people it feels like about 10 people beat me up the night before. I also can't tolerate exercise. I've tried warm water exercises and physical therapy and it just makes it worse. I read about this and it's called "Post Exertional Malaise". At...
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    My muscles feel deeply bruised, part of FM?

    I, too, have most of my pain in my hips, buttocks, legs and feet. It could be your sacroiliac joint or sciatic nerve. I just recently started using Voltaren (Diclofenac) gel on the area when it starts hurting and it doesn't spread down my legs or feet. I've had FM for 10+ yrs. and can't believe...
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    Single, how to cope

    I'd like people to share with me how they cope with their Fibro. being single. I get so lonesome sometimes and just need a hug and validation.
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    My boyfriend used Allsup and got his SSDI within 6 months. It took me 3 years to get mine--I did not use Allsup.
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    diclofenac gel

    I've had FM for 10+ years. Just last week my pain Dr. recommended Voltaren to rub onto my skin where my muscles ache and it seems to work pretty good. Why hadn't he recommended this before now? I also take Fentanyl patch, muscle relaxer and Percocet for breakthrough pain. Just wanted to share...
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    body can't tolerate even the simplest exercise

    Does anyone else have a problem of not being able to exercise, even minimally? I've tried water exercises and minimal exercise bike and I still end up in bed for the next day or two because my muscles are so sore. tj
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    liquid magnesium in spray or lotion form

    Has anyone tried this and have any success for pain? I really would like to try it. TJ
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    Need help/ Medtronic Neurostimulator???

    My sister used it several years ago for back pain and it didn't help her. She doesn't have Fibro. If you get it, please let us know how it worked. Good luck! tjo
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    Trigger Point Injections Question

    Yes, I have had several tpi's and they helped alot. It hurts a little when the needle goes in, but then you start feeling relief so it's a good pain. I recently had an epidural and it didn't help at all.