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    bumping for the mod ya keep up the good work...webby!
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    Webby, Georgia, Fight, Rocky, Rockgor, Hangin, anyone

    You moved, MMS? Wow, lots of changes going on! I am in the process of moving soon I hope....Waiting on papers of a house we found 10 miles up the street! The house needs work but I am sure it can be done! So tell me what have I missed in your life since I lasted posted on here! Praying you feel...
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    I fell off my cloud and fractured my spine prayers please

    that you hurt your back! Please keep us up to date on you and I am sending prayers and soft hugs to you and your dogs! Always, webby PS. I posted to your other post and then I came across this one! Take care of you!
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    RE: Prayer for Teacher

    Just when you think nobody is praying for you and surprise...they are people with wonderful christian values that care very much about you. I used to be a teacher but it got to me to bad. It became a busy and an overwhelming job over a period time and I just could not carying on. Hang in...
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    Upated Many Thank You{s}

    My dearest friends I wanted to thank for being there for me in my time of need and all your support and prayers. You are all caring and concerned people and some of the best friends I have ever had life to be there for me and to pray for me. Your are my christian family and I love you dearly...
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    Hi, It is all done I just have to go back and get the pressure checked. The prayers worked in guiding the surgeron's hands. I still have to do the drops but I can see clearer now and no headaches. I am so happy the Lord answered our prayers because I still had alot of what the Lord has made...
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    Thank you for asking! I wish they would have done both at the same time but the dr. didn't want to. So far so good and I get the other eye done tomorrow. Thank you for the prayers and putting me on the prayer list. Thank you all, the prayer warriors, for your prayers and praying for me! I love...
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    Yes, it is to increase drainage in the eye and to relief pressure. Yeah the dr. said it would be a piece of cake but I would have a major headache afterwards. Thank you Little Blue Stem and all others for your prayers! Blessing be with you all, webby
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    Hi everyone!!! I know I have been off the board awhile but it is wonderful to be able to come back here every once in awhile, too. You are my blessed family and my prayer warriors as well. I am in need of prayers for myself. I have diagnosed with glacome and I could lose my sight. I have to...
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    Hey, Yeah it has been a pretty busy time for me as well. I can relate to all the things you said is going on in your life, Misty. Children home for the summer, husband's work and yes less personal time and rather spend more time with Our Lord ! I am so happy you got my response because you...
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    Another Story/I hope u like it?

    Subject: THE FERN AND THE BAMBOO The Fern and the Bamboo..... One day I decided to quit.... I quit my job, my relationship, my spirituality.. I wanted to quit my life. I went to the woods to have one last talk with God. "God", I said. "Can you give me one good reason not to quit?"...
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    HI, Long time no talk hun. How r things going with you and your family? Here, things r! Write back as soon as you can and know you and your family r always in my prayers! Love ya, webby
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    Dr. Richard BurtStem Cell Transplants for Autoimmune Conditions

    I read almost all the article but like a recent is hard to read for me as well. I agree that this is worth looking at...watching. If I may suggest someone with politic power and is helping ...with what is going on... It is Senator Kennedy I think in Maine or...
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    Sorry I have been away from the boards and have missed your posting. I have said this prayer that you posted for you and will put you to the top of my listed hun. Lord remove the dark clouds from around Misty and let your light shine upon her once again. Please do let us know when you start...
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    Breast Cancer......

    Have said a special prayer for your cousin, her family and friends! Please let us know how she is doing. Soft hugs, webby