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    Deep REM Sleep and Protein

    just to let you know rem sleep is not deep sleep it is actually shallow based on brainwaves. it is NON rem (stage 3 and 4) or slow wave sleep that is the deepest sleep one can get and often that those with FM and ME/CFS are lacking and it is slow wave sleep that is physically restorative...
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    Physician in/near Buffalo, NY to prescribe Xyrem

    actually GHB (xyrem) is naturally found in the human body so I would rather take that than many of the other prescription sleep drugs on a long term basis. only problem is xyrem is very expensive - rediculously expensive in fact for a naturally occuring compound in the human body - it was...
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    fibromyalgia, so what do they know?

    pretty good findings actually and I am glad they focused on the peripheral and soft tissue abnormalities that many don't and I am not sure why as I believe it is the peripheral dysfunction that is affecting the CNS (ie. sensitization). you can also add low ATP (backed by studies) in the...
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    remember Vit D is a hormone and amongst its many fucntions helps the immune system especially with fighting bacteria and many with fm and me/cfs have chronic stealth bacterial infections so VIt D might be causing the immune system to go after the bacteria and increase cytokines and that can make...
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    Post good CANADIAN Doctors!

    dr bested is one of the few good doctors for fm and me/cfs and I assume you saw her in Toronto. she is now in vancouver I am not aware of any others. Canada is terrible for doctors treating these diseases. I live in Ottawa and I am on my own - well me and my GP. yes there are...
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    Doctor prescribed Lipitor/Synthroid

    make sure you take CoQ10 (very important coenzyme for muscles) as Lipitor depletes it Im very surprised your doctor did not mention to take CoQ10 or did he? you should be ok with the synthroid - curious what did your dr. test for thryoid and what were the results some do not do well with...
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    Wrongly diagnosed for 2 years - see real cause

    but a psoas is not going to cause all the many symptoms of FM - please
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    foot spasms/cramping?

    anyone else have them ? oh ya - this is one of the main symptoms of Fibro - muscle spasms make sure u r getting enough magnesium and calcium as low mag can cause spasms and low calcium can cause cramps. of course many other things can as well. I would imagine our muscles are so tight that...
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    Antibiotic Bactrim helping my fibromyalgia...possible misdiagnosis???

    I believe many with FM are dealing with chronic stealth infections (bacteria, fungi and virus) so that is why an antibiotic could be helping you
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    Happy Birthday Patrick Kelly (hubcap halo)

    hi , is the guy who committed suicide? if so , so sad and rest in peace my friend also, what was his user name - was it hubcap? i have been here since 2007 but dont post as much but i remember a guy with that ID or something similar and he had some great posts he mentioned how he had long...
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    Clenched hands/fist problem

    I do not think it is psychological at all but rather an abnormal neuro muscular system you know we just cant relax the muscles I clench my toes, cross my legs very tight and most times im not even aware of it until my wife says why are you curling your toes [This Message was Edited on...
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    great post csavvy. this is more about the severe patient having the right to choose to take a drug based on benefit/risk especially considering the panel said it was safe. Simply deplorable if the FDA doesnt approve this at least conditionally. Lets all sign this and get as many of our...
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    tennis elbow pain for months

    prp is actually a type of prolotherapy as I see it was also mentioned by another poster. with prolo - an irritant is injected where as with prp - one is actually injecting one's own blood (Ie. platelets). note: tendons have very very little bloodflow to them and why they are real stubborn...
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    tennis elbow pain for months

    work for some but for most they do not - help short term but pain comes back because the tendon is still weak (if physical rehab has not been done and this is the case for most) and cortisone actually weakens tendons - this is why it is never ever injected near or around achilles or bicep...
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    tennis elbow pain for months

    I have been convinced for years that those with Fibro have actual tendon pathology as a complication to FM and I have never once believed those that say there is no muscle or tendon dsyfunction - balony. There are actual studies that show those with FM have more tendinosis (tendon degeneration)...
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    10th Peptide Injection Already

    thank you Mikie for telling us about this treatment. I am too ill to say much more right now but just wanted to say thank you for your efforts. Perhaps one day I will try these.
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    Prolotherapy for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain

    I believe prolotherapy and platlet rich plasma injections hold promise for those with FM for specific areas we have injured and never properly healed as yes those with FM do not heal properly - this is widely known. also, those with FM have a tendancy to have lose ligaments which there puts...
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    Ehlers-Danlos anyone?

    perhaps prolotherapy could help strenghten the joints as it strengthens ligaments.
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    GABA and the Blood Brain Barrier

    definitely agree that FMers do not get deep slepp (my sleep study showed no stage 4 and 2 minutes of stage 3). and yes muscles and tendons heal in deep sleep and so many other processes occur in deep sleep and no wonder our soft tissues feel the way they do. I am also a believer that we are...
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    1st peptide injection results

    Hi mary thanks for your update - very interesting. Just a quick question about your Vit D levels, is that 50 ng/ml as normal range is 35-70. I am in Canada and we use nmol/L and mine is 50 in winter (less sun in canada) and 80 in summer which works out to 20 ng/ml in winter and 32 ng/ml in...