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    For menstruating women

    I am a typical sensitive-skinned fibro gal. I told my husband the other day that I was feeling OK, but my skin was bothering me. He asked what the problem was, and I told him well, I have all these nerve endings in my skin...tee hee. Anyway, I found the perfect solution to irritated tissues...
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    Bad doctor, good doctor

    My fabulous Rheumy (who saved my life last year, recognizing peritonitis and checking me inot the hospital when OB/GYN's nurse told me to go home- burst small intestine, major surgery, YUK) and who treated me like a human being, retired, and had to send me to a physIatrist for pain management...
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    Migraine med dosage question Dilaudid Nurses??

    I have a question regarding dilaudid. I very occasionally get a 'migraine from Hell' that would send me to the ER if I thought I could stand the drive. My doctor gave me some dilaudid 4mg tablets for these really bad headaches. I also usually take 25 to 50 mg of phenergan for one of these...
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    Is anybody on combined pain meds?

    I am looking for information regarding meds for chronic pain. I have fibro, migraines and a recovering burst small intestine. (Emergency surgery last September.) I was taking methadone for 3 years, and recently switched to oxycontin. I felt best when I had both meds in my system, but my doctor...
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    Topamax is a VERY dangerous med

    I know that there are sooo many of us who have tried just about everything out there before finding that one med, or combination, that helps your quality of life. Unfortunately, we sometimes find out, TOO LATE that the drug that we are taking is destroying our body, somehow. For instance...
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    To Jenifurlii re guaifenesin

    I recently reread your post regarding people from the northwest and came upon a change of topic regarding guaifenesin. Lots of us on the board are on gauifenesin and for lots of us, it has worked wonders. To keep it short, I believe that I would be bedridden without it. Mikie the moderator was...
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    Guai Apples and Noah's Oranges

    Noah stated a while back that he was on Anne Hillebrand's guai program which would mean that he is talking about a completely different guai protcol than what has made so many of us here better, which is Dr. Paul St. Amand's guai protocol. I for one am considerably better. Noah, I am sorry...
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    New, Three Year Scientific Guai Study Poves That...

    We don't know yet, the results are not in. My doctor's nurse has all guai patients fill out a form EVERY appointment, filling out the same questions, rating pain, headache, fatigue, sleep quality, and some others I forget. I may skew the results, I am also a migraine patient so the "pain in the...
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    Appointment wit Guai doc tomorrow (Good Doc, Rheumy)

    I am going to ask to see my maps. It has been more than a year. He says I am almost cleared, and I am curios, because I have not seen them. I also am going to talk about pain management. Just came out of a bad cycle. It seems that each time I feel better, I add more to my plate, so I never seem...
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    OK, Me, Too,!Who wants to see me & my Pretty Horsie?

    Almost lost him to the fibro but got him back thanks to the guai. Love him with all of my heart. Tibbie
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    To Klutzo about mapping

    Klutzo, There is a video available from Claudia and Dr. St. Amand that explains and demonstrates the mapping process. I understand that some people have learned to map themselves. This could be a valuable tool for you in your guai journey, allowing you to feel and record your own progress and...
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    To Klutzo on Guai

    Klutzo, I think you are on the right track with guai but you might have a flat tire. This is really a tough thing to do by yourself, even with a BUNCH of internet help, even good help. I would feel better if you took your tight budget and squeeeeezed, and found one of the doctors, massage...
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    To IndigoSC

    Dear Indigo, I think you need to go doctor shopping. Don't mention narcotics at the first visit, just pain. You have to find a doctor that believes that you have pain. If you can accurately describe your pain without crying, that helps a bunch. Ask about how you can find nondrug remedies to...
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    Did the Easter Bunny leave Free Meds in your Easter Basket?

    Please read all the way through Mikie's post on the possible dangers of using mailorder drugs. Near the end I replied regarding drug companies' patient assistance programs. These are well worth looking into. There is a very comprehensive website at a place that calls itself something like needy...
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    Joannie, How's your tummie? Mine hurts now

    What did you do? I'm here housebound by the pottie with the trots... Help! Tibbie
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    Another tip on finding a good Fibro doc

    Since I don't have insurance and I don't want to pay for someone to fill my ear with crap and then bill me for it... Try calling a prospective doctor's office and explaining that you would like to speak with the nurse regarding making an appointment. Tell her you have no insurance and want...
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    To Klutzo

    Posted a reply to you on To Laura C on Topamax. I never saw your reply, and someone brought back the post. So I read it, and I replied. Tibbie
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    Poll-How many of us tried guai but it didn't work for me?

    Did you give guai a try but it didn't work? Give us the details. Was it too restrictive? Was the reversal too painful? Give us the details. Tibbie
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    Poll: How many of us are success stories for Guai?

    Make sure you reply to the right message, the other one is failed guai stories! How long have you been on guai? How long was it before you started having good days? Did you get off serious pain drugs with guai? Any other must-knows? Tibbie
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    Small Miracle Today

    Although this doesn't have much to do with fibro besides the fact that I was pretty stiff after sitting still with a calf in my lap for 2 hours... I have a ranch and we have a poorly behaved cow who is stealing colostrum,(by nursing another cow) or first milk from some cows before the newborn...