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    Prayer of thy Healing Angels

    Prayer of Thy Healing Angels that is carried from God by Michael, Thy Archangel Pour out, Thy Healing Angels, Thy heavenly Host upon me, And upon those that I love, Let me feel the beam of Thy Healing Angels upon me, The light of your Healing Hands, I will let Thy Healing begin Whatever way God...
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    A message from Patti (hangininthere)

    Hi, this is Judy (windblade), a former member, and a friend of Patti's. She is very sick in hospice, and wished for me to give you the news. You have been her family here for over 15 years. The friendships and support that she received here have helped her through many struggles. She loved...
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    Spring, Thinking of you as I am following the health reports on Thich Nhat Hanh at Plum Village. At one lovely, loving, international site,, there have been 17,935,985 candles lit for him. With many loving messages written on the candles for him. When I first went there, I...
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    How do we love?

    I came across this in my reading today, and it reminded me so much of the inspiring thoughts that I've heard recently on this board. "Small Steps of Love - How can we choose love when we have experienced so little of it? We choose love by taking small steps of love every time there is an...
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    Prayer for The Sick

    My close friend prayed this prayer for me over the phone. I felt so understood and cared for , because it speaks so much in detail of what we live through. I hope it may comfort someone, and that they might feel understood too. (The prayer continues for five of my posts, because of...
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    Happy Springtime

    Wishing a Blessed Easter to all who celebrate! With love, Judy
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    Dear Spring, how are you doing, my friend? Are you eating and sleeping okay? I haven't caught up with all the Chat posts so haven't heard. I recently came across some books by Thich Nhat Hanh, and was wondering if you still had his book on your bed-table. He has such a beautiful heart, and...
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    Soul, Hi, I was wondering if you could do me a favor in posting a video for me, if it's not too much trouble. I can't seem to manage to learn yet - also my laptop has a glitch where I can't copy Urls. There is a wonderful video on youtube that I want to share with Leah on the...
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    Leah Freida

    Hi dear Leah, I so appreciate all the times you reach out to me! The excellent video I mentioned on the Bedbound/Homebound board is a favorite of mine. It is a conversation between two radiant men, Father Thomas Keating and Rabbi Schacter-Shalomi. They have been friends for about 25 years, and...
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    Thank you for prayers!

    I am so thankful for all of your prayers. The major, black depression that overcame me for 3 months has lightened!!! Praise God! It's just down to more things that I can deal with. Your support meant so much to me in a fearful time. Gave me warmth, and light, and friendship. So glad to...
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    Thanksgiving Prayers Worldwide

    The Blessing of God rest upon all those who have been kind to us, have cared for us, have worked for us, have served us, and have shared our bread with us at this table. Our merciful God, reward all of them in your own way. For yours is the glory and honor forever. Amen. — Saint Cyril (AD 850)
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    Prayers for Strength and Inspiration

    Dear Lord, I may not see the sun and moon lose their light. I may not witness rivers turn red, or stars fall from the sky. Yet there are times when my world becomes unhinged and the foundations of what I believe crack and dissolve. Give me the grace to believe that Your power is at work in the...
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    A Vulnerable God

    Last month I was listening to an interview with Jean Vanier, who is sometimes called a living saint. The title of the show was called 'The Wisdom of Tenderness', and indeed there was something remarkable about Vanier. I felt many, many burdens just unconsciously lifting off of my body and...
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    Continuing Prayer

    "There is not in the world a kind of life more sweet and delightful than that of a continual conversation with God." Brother Lawrence ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` This is for long term needs - as so many situations are in...
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    Thank you for prayers! Have received help.

    Thank you SO much to everyone who prayed for me. Those prayers were answered in such a lovely way, in a sequence of events. Will continue on next post. Love, Judy
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    Sunflower - enjoying your paintings

    What kind of plant is your latest painting? Did you give your SIL his present of the fountain and dog? That was so well done - very intricate tile patterns to paint. Some of my favorite Still-Life and Flower painters are: Georgia O'Keefe, Elizabeth Blackadder, Nolde, Charles Demuth's...
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    Please pray for me - I'm in trouble

    Please pray that my DH and I can find a new place to live. The hot weather is making it impossible for me to live here. With the bedroom and bathroom on different floors, it's impossible to keep hydrated enough to withstand heat, and make it downstairs s many times to bathroom. Can't stop...
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    I'm doing much better this month than the last one. Thank you so much for all of your prayers! I'm praying for each member of your family. And for your everyday life - with all you're dealing with. And for you to find the little joys that sustain us, and celebrate them in the midst of it...
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    Please Pray for Julie's (Lydia's) Dad

    Granni asked for a prayer request for Julie's Dad. He is elderly, and has fallen, and has some other medical problems right now. He is getting tests done in the nursing home where he is. Please pray for him and Julie and all her family. May God bless and care for this dear man with His...
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    Extra Prayer for Leah Freida, please.

    The last we heard, Leah had become more ill. She wasn't sure of the cause, but had been losing her ability to speak, on top of all her other health problems. She has been mostly bedridden, and very weak. Please pray powerfully for her - for anything and everything that is happening in her...