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    Please help Migraines are out of control

    I get a LOT of migraines. I used to get a lot more, but I now take oxycontin and pherergan for them , along with playing a meditation CD and retreating to a dark room. It took me a while to find my triggers, but it was well worth it since I am down to only 1 or 2 'complete shutdown' migraines a...
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    Do Doctors get pay incentives to promote Drugs??????

    HEALTH INSURANCE PAYS FOR THESE FREEBIES!!!! Sorry to shout, see my above post. The whole sample system is designed to get doctors to PRESCRIBE the sampled drug, which is then paid for by those who have health insurance. Many, many of those with insurance could be treated with a less...
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    Do Doctors get pay incentives to promote Drugs??????

    It is good to have samples, a Godsend for those who can't otherwise afford the drug in question. This is especially true when a drug has no reasonable or effective generic drug in the same or similar class. We have to ask, though, why the drug companies spend so much time and money giving out...
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    For menstruating women

    Sorry, I didn't mean to gross everyone out. Obviously, they would not be for everyone, but if you have sensitive skin they are really worth a try. I had to find an alternative to tampons, because I couldn't use them anymore. I offered the thought for anyone who has very sensitive skin...
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    For menstruating women

    I am a typical sensitive-skinned fibro gal. I told my husband the other day that I was feeling OK, but my skin was bothering me. He asked what the problem was, and I told him well, I have all these nerve endings in my skin...tee hee. Anyway, I found the perfect solution to irritated tissues...
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    Bad doctor, good doctor

    My fabulous Rheumy (who saved my life last year, recognizing peritonitis and checking me inot the hospital when OB/GYN's nurse told me to go home- burst small intestine, major surgery, YUK) and who treated me like a human being, retired, and had to send me to a physIatrist for pain management...
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    Topamax is a VERY dangerous med

    I know that some of you are considering using topamax. I hope that you do read about and understand the possible side effects first!
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    Anyone Tried Topamax?

    Topamax did not work for me, for migraine prevention or for fibromyalgia pain/fatigue, although I tapered up very slowly to the maximum dose and stayed there for months. I am glad some of you have had some relief. Topamax put me in a dangerous stupor; I couldn't think straight, drive...
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    Those that are on Kadian...

    about pain patients who need more medication seem to freak staff out. They seem to panic and put up a front of 'deny all pain meds' in order not to be bamboozled by drug seekers. When the doc gets you in the exam room and talks to you one-on-one, or even when the doc calls you back instead of...
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    How many had "Growing pains" as a child?

    Yep, me too. I was 'the hypochondriac', too. I never had perfect attendance because sometimes I just felt too tired and 'blech-o' to go to school. I would sleep all morning, and then do the schoolwork that my sister would bring home for me for the day. My parents werre divorced (3rd grade)...
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    Looking for a post about describing pain to dr

    look up my posts (tibbiecow) by clicking on my name to the left of this post. Read 'Hope this Helps', it may be helpful to you. I would also do a search on chronic pain advocates or advocacy, it seems that I saw some great info on one of those sites. Good luck, Tibbie
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    I have also had a very bad experience with Wal-Mart pharmacies. Maybe their policy is to bust as many 'fake' pain patients as they can, they're always rude if the script is for more than 10 Vicodin- I just don't go there anymore. Yes, Jeanne, call your doctor and have him give you a new...
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    Migraine, its name is Alberto

    When I get a migraine I take pain meds and also nausea meds. I want to be asleep as soon as possible! Phenergan works against nausea and aslo causes sedation. It is usually already contained in the Demerol or Dilaudid injections that htey give for a bad migraine in the ER. Phenergan , 25 or...
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    Migraine med dosage question Dilaudid Nurses??

    I have a question regarding dilaudid. I very occasionally get a 'migraine from Hell' that would send me to the ER if I thought I could stand the drive. My doctor gave me some dilaudid 4mg tablets for these really bad headaches. I also usually take 25 to 50 mg of phenergan for one of these...
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    But the pain is real and not in my jaw

    I'm glad I read the post before it was removed. Unfortunately, there may have been some members here who could have been helped with his information. It is too bad he was so confrontational about it. For anyone who didn't read the post we are talking about, in a nutshell: New guy states...
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    I just got chewed out by pharmaacy

    That just makes me soooo mad. I signed an agreement with my doc regarding pain meds, and I am allowed to use ONE, and ONE ONLY pharmacy unless I have been sent to the emergency room. When I signed the agreement, I discussed with the nurse which pharmacy I ought to use. I was using Costco, and...
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    I'm Not Qualified for FM Pain Med Trial

    I would not give up my pain meds either. I probably would have asked about the trial. It is likely that they would have given you either a proven pain med or the new one. It could be that the proven one is either the one you already take, or maybe it would work better for you. When I see new...
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    Water Therapy??? Good or Bad for FM

    Sue, My water-therapist is very concerned that I tell her IMMEDIATELY if something hurts, or even is uncomfortable. This way she can do her best not to cause any damage. Something she did last time caused a bit of pain for me, and we stopped to discuss it. She wanted to know where, how...
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    Does Lyrica Worsen Your Headaches? 2nd Try

    Neurontin is similar to Lyrica. I have not yet tried Lyrica. I really liked the difference in my pain threshold that I got with Neurontin, but had to stop taking it due to the constant headaches it caused me.