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    Gastric Bypass vs. lapband

    for a few reasons, obviusly i need to lose weight ( im 300 lbs,female 5'8) im considering lapband for one, medical covers it. and i had a roomate several years back that had the gastric bypass and it apperently didnt go well, she lost the weight, but it messed her up in other ways. like when she...
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    Caretaker in need of caretaker

    sucks to be superwoman, doesnt it? sounds like your kids are being kids, teen rebeling and all that fun stuff, your husband needs to understand you need a break! sure your strong, but jeez, even superman and wonder woman had limits! if you feel you need counsling, go yourself if he wont go ( i...
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    its one thing to bathe and diaper your child, but to bathe and diaper your parent is creepy no matter how you view it, it just is! we do it, we feel guilt, but its not your 'job' to help, your helping out of love, but the older they get, the less they seem to understand that we are not their...
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    Asked to caregive when I need care myself---advice?

    please, do NOT make the mistake i did, dont let them guilt you into giving up your life because they want a maid they dont have to pay. ( not saying they are jerks like that, but you may find out they are) i didnt get sick until i got here and make no mistake, once the caregiver gets sick, we...