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    August 8th - Understanding and Remembrance Day for Severe ME

    Today is August 8th – Understanding and Remembrance Day for Severe ME. Please show your solidarity with severe ME patients.
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    LTD attorney in NY

    Thank you Evelyn. It's funny because he is the name I heard from other people too. He is a good lawyer and has experience with cfs/me cases. I'm going to start with him but if anyone has any other suggestions please let me know. Thanks, Nielk
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    How Can I Take Vitamin D3?

    I am also Vitamin D defficient. I take 1,000 i.u. of Vitamin D3 every day. But, you have to take it with food. Sunshine goes a long way. Even 10 minutes a day does wonders. I feel much worse in the winter and I attribute it to the lack of sunshine. I hope you find a way to comfortably digest...
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    LTD attorney in NY

    can anyone recommend a good erisa LTD attorney in New York who has experience dealing with cfs cases?
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    Dr. Enlander & Dr. Kerr Testing for XMRV

    I also went to Dr. Enlander last week to draw blood for the study with Dr. Kerr. The samples are being shipped to Kerr in England. There was no charge but we will not find out our individual results.
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    Dr. John E. Sarno

    I thank you for sharing your very personal experience. It seems that that very scary low bought about a positive change in your thinking. It forced you to look at things with a different appreciation. This improvement in positive thinking and appreciating whatever good we encounter can only...
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    Dr. John E. Sarno

    you make a lot of good points and make a lot of sense to me. I've been suffering for the past seven years. I'm very disabled from this disease. 80% of the time home bound,50% in bed. You are also very right that we are trying to latch on to straws and depression from dissapointments set us back...
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    Dr. John E. Sarno

    I think that in our quest to explain our sickness to all (including drs, friends, family & strangers) we have become very sensitive when anyone mentions the word psychological or in "in your head". I feel that we are justified in that feeling because we've had to work so hard to convince all...
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    Dr. John E. Sarno

    I am so sorry I brought up this topic. I had no idea it would bring out so much anger. I'm sorry. The last thing we all need is more stress in our life. Please forgive me. Nielk
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    Dr. John E. Sarno

    The repair guy that came to my house & was cured by reading Dr. Sarno's book said that he suffered from cfs three years ago. It was so bad that he couldn't get out of bed. After reading Dr. Sarno's more recent books, he claims that not only can he cure back pain, leg & shoulder pain but he...
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    Dr. John E. Sarno

    When I first started reading his books, I was very angry. He implies that being that there is a mind-body connection, our mind is coming up with some painful diseases to distract us from an inner unconscious rage that we have. Supposedly, once we acknowledge this fact, the disease dissipates...
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    I can't do this anymore...someone please help.

    I don't have any great solutions for you only empathy. I really feel your pain!! Have you seen a doctor who deals with fibromyalgia? or a doctor who deals with chronic pain? They might be able to give you something to ease your pain while you are getting the adjustments. Sometimes it helps just...
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    Dr. John E. Sarno

    Has anyone who read Sarno's books, like healing back pain or a divided mind or attended his seminars in New York been positively affectd by him and his theory of TMS being a conglomerate of physical pain (cfs among them) that them brain uses as a defence mechanism for a psychological unconscious...
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    why are we each so different?

    I've been watching and reading the posts here and other first hand accounts about cfs. What strikes me is the differences in people's experiences and what works and doesn't work for them. For example: Valcyte; was talked about recently and there were people praising it's positive effects and...
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    handicapped parking permit in ny?

    I am collecting SS disability for my chronic fatigue syndrome. Does anyone know how to apply for a handicapped parking permit in New York City? [This Message was Edited on 04/30/2009]
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    Tender Head....

    I suffer from cfs and have a lot of sinus problems. Even after two sinus surgeries I still suffer from sinus headaches almost every day. My head is always sore and tender. I cannot wear anything on my head like a hat because it gives me an intense headache. I'm also sensitive to noises. I...
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    What is the Gupta Programme?
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    Cytokine Inflammation and management of FM and CFS

    Hi Forebearance, How does one avoid mold toxins? I have a feeling that I'm sensitive to mold, but don't know how to avoid it, or even find it. Nielk
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    If Someone Says To Me One More Time..

    All these thoughtless and uninformed remarks used to bother me a lot Especially since we feel so sick, we are very emotionally vulnerable and it's very frustrating not being understood. But, then I realized that I'm only hurting myself. Because the more worked up I got, the sicker I got. It's...
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    for anyone interested in neurofeedback, is very informartive.