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    Is there a mouth wash for burning tongue/mouth syndrome?

    seems a while back someone posted about a product by a dentist for chronic mouth tongue burning syndrome can anyone help? thanks paul mark in KY
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    Has anyone tried dr. richard shcultze's cleanses?

    I got the info on shcultzes cleanses it looks so gook on paper lst the colon then etc he has a 5 day liver gall bladder detox but the drink at least once a day is all oranges and my mouth tongue throat burning acidicty can't take citrrus anyone tried them, they sent tape too sounds so...
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    Ruby on vitamix

    dear ruby: i found on web a 2 speed 64 oz vitamix and on another site a 4500 delux model which do you use you said something about don't want the pulp? thanks paul mark
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    Linda the pharmacist may i ask question please

    Jan has been helping me with some ideas, dr. dale guyer my new cfs dr. recommend in notes vasopressin trial to stop my chronic frequent urination that leaves me sodium depleted and electrolyte imbalanced, IS VASOpressin safe and normally well tolerated even in us CFIDS people??? I am very...
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    THANKS the tips help i would like to say this : my most chronic of many symptoms and persisten i described as a suffocating sandpapery dry fire ant like burning biting tingling raspy sensation in tongue mouth throat upper bronchials 24/7 I THINK some is is acidosis from the freqent sugar ice...
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    Vegetable Juicing

    You raw food people and juicers, can you tell me the best veggie juices ( can't toelrate fruit juices cept a little apple/pear in some veggie juices) to cleanse the kidneys and colon thanks Paul mark
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    Is Hulda Clark a quack??

    I once tried her zapper nothing, parsite stuff nothign and her liver flush about 3.5 yrs. ago made me so stick i was near death i thought i read her webstite she has some good points i emailed stepen barrett mD at quack watch if it was necessary to dip things likek lettuce spinach even...
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    input on hulda clarks's protocol for washing fresh vegetables

    i read hulda clarks webstite i'm familiar with her controverisal claims yet some make sense on fresh veggies and fruits before juicing or eating she recommends dipping in HOT water twice and then using HCL drops to KILL parasites i use GTE grapeseed extract for l0 minutes in past used food...
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    Need Imput from Healing please

    dear healing: on your rotation diet did you ever split food families?? one book i have allergy and candida book by sondra lewis splits them in some food families ex. same way on my ALCAT compouter printout their computer does like carrots on day l and fennel (same family on day 3) i...
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    Prebiotic innuflora

    Has anyone used Inuflora a pre biotic that is supposed to have studies that say it helps the bodies own production of beneficial bacterial in teh gut? It was recommended to me back last fall after a ph. consult with a dr. gloria gilbere ND who was sick herself, i didn't have anymore with her as...
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    Need imput on bifidus question in presence of klebseilla

    Rather than re typing this i am faxing this to DR. this to david Wood ND i called today he's at biogensis his co founded co. on tues. but he wasn't in and the idiots there have gotten where they said they don't talk to patients here anymore only their drs. i get so sick of that i said can't they...
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    Leaky gut syndrome and CFIDS??

    well i'm new some of you know me from immune support sherri rogers MD a wellknown dr. in CA has said many chronic ill. don't completely heal due to leaky gut syndrome i recently had PC with donna gates who has CD's on leakky gut, she didn't even charge me i was so sick , but i couldn't even...
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    Rotation Diet attn: dear healing

    I read your post of march 03 on rot. diets, i've had several ALCATS IGG and not been able to adhere and i've gotten sicker due to the primary culprit leaky gut syndrome i'm torn between trying to following a 4 day rotation diet where the ALCAT computer even puts out suggestions but factor in...
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    dear 600 phosphatidly choline question

    dear 600 phosphatidyly choline the specialist i saw in jan. Dale guyer in IN)his nutritionist put me on the above and krill oil to try and heal leaky gut, recently donna gates the renowned expert on leaky gut gave me a no charge ph. Consult because she said I was such a challenge l27...
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    opinons on jordon rubin's FY!?

    a friend of mine from the board here and i have tried t. factors w/o much success, i have a copy of patient heal thyself from way back , jordon rubin garden of life was not able to handle all the STUFF in his green food super drink and my dr. dale guyer my new CFS dr. does n't recommend...
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    anyone familiar with pitchford's book whole food healing?

    this book is a ft. thick hard for a healthy person to understand, writee in yin yange language and hard to dx yourself but i've figured out i think fromp 97 that i have excess cold cause juicing too much breaks out sores in mouth tongue cheeks and causing me to be colder and weaker yet i'm...
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    Can anyone help with macrobiotic recipes & rotate food families?

    Right now i can hardly eat, i need the animal broths with veggies, can't tolerate today day after another binge i have some NISIME recipes form when i worked with macrobiotic counelor 2 yrs. ago, problem is it's hard to rotate food on 4 day diet by food famlies for ex. the sheet says try...
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    Cheney is closed I need help dr. in nashville

    dear friends: got letter cheney probably will not open in asheville period i'm in w. ky. 2 hrs. from nashville i know there are no specific CFS specilaist in nashville but there is many dr. big hospitals in nashville, there has to be some internist endocronilogist etc. that have some cfs...
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    I can't find deep root organics for cutlered veggies anywhwere

    can soltice or someone help i 've done searches and no resluts on deep root organics i ran across a message board where a lot where making on veggies requried a special crockpot etc, the problem is if we were able to do all of that we wouldn't be sick understand what i'm saying i do...
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    Opinions on Dale Guyer MD protocol CFIDS

    I would please like some opinoins on Guyer or has anyone been to him, as many like my dr. cheney he doesn't take medicare nor 2nd ins. they give claim forms, he uses a lot of IV stuff but has a lot of success expensive is the problem, OPINONS please heres the info summary Paul mark Dale...