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    Is there a mouth wash for burning tongue/mouth syndrome?

    seems a while back someone posted about a product by a dentist for chronic mouth tongue burning syndrome can anyone help? thanks paul mark in KY
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    Human Growth Hormone Therapy

    dear tilla: i tried injections under cheney starting at .2mg miniquicks put me in bed even more thats the way they came what do you mean by 3 units on an insulin syringe i tried .l5 mg or about i think l8 on an insulin syringe i talked to the pharm at the bridge program will you...
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    Human Growth Hormone Therapy

    What does your dr. mean by use a juicer properly for hgh??? where is he located i tried dhea when i was with cheney fore he retired and it put me more tired coudln't move he said some coudln't take it you can call the pharmcia bridge program for affordatel injections e mail if...
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    My daughter recovered from CFS

    dear sarasmom: Would you be willing to exhange e mails with me> i'm a very sick CFIDS person in west ky i was dx by cheney in 98 now have pic line in my left arm per dr. dale guyer in IN bedridden most of day figth GI tract leaky gut pain l27 lbs at 6'l yet i've learned a lot...
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    My daughter recovered from CFS

    DEar Jade: with my severe chronic stomach inflammation and numerous food allergies leakky gut and just sick in general with my chronic sandpapper fire ants dry biting burningntingling sea salt at back of my tongue and washed down burns my tongue throat and makes my senstivite inflammed stomach...
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    My daughter recovered from CFS

    sarasmon: thank the good LORD she is much much better i'm so glad May i ask what is paravirus what is the IVIG? was that IV i have a pic line per dr. dale guyer's request of my female primary care dr. who knows diddly about CFIDS glutathion is in my iv's i'm sicker than ever due to...
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    Question for the day: Twinkies or no sugar?

    diets and alt. medicine treatments are so confusing i have a video sorting thru maze of alt. med. by lorraine day md a CA surgeon who had breast cancer and got into the nodes she had the tumore removed but no drugs chemo etc she tried 40 different alt. med. programs she finannally...
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    how do I do food elimination diet without my crappy doc? CONFUSED

    what kind of salycates are you referring to those are in many foods and veggies too? am i right educate us please thanks paul mark
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    Has anyone tried dr. richard shcultze's cleanses?

    Dear ladude thank you for responding to laura and it helped me would you Please clear up some things if you’ve read my post you realize i have a very sever case of CFDIS (not minmizing anyone's problems on this board by any means) of 6 yrs. dx by cheeney now see dale guyer once yearly can't...
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    Has anyone tried dr. richard shcultze's cleanses?

    I think Ladude can answer this better than i since they had experience with shultzes cleanes i'm curious to know if the 30 day think is purely juice fast, i know when i only juice i get very weak and cold, donna gates (leaky gut expert) told me that just juuicing with no broths is hard on...
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    Has anyone tried dr. richard shcultze's cleanses?

    PS dear ladude: never mind a lady told me on this board that once she studied nat. med. for 2.5 yrs. that's all i know the 30 day thing is that a pure juice fast ? i doubt at l27 lbs. and 6'l" and like kyou i have no one to help i live alone and try to take care of myself which is very...
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    Has anyone tried dr. richard shcultze's cleanses?

    dear ladude: thank you so much for the response, i just got the intestestial form. # 3 cause i was afraid the # l was too strong it's a milder l they use for kids, i called their place and told them about my acidicty in my body and the chronic sandpaper dry fire ant burnign biting in my...
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    Has anyone tried dr. richard shcultze's cleanses?

    I got the info on shcultzes cleanses it looks so gook on paper lst the colon then etc he has a 5 day liver gall bladder detox but the drink at least once a day is all oranges and my mouth tongue throat burning acidicty can't take citrrus anyone tried them, they sent tape too sounds so...
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    Candida yeast

    fathertroll: very good post, i've seen a l00 different candida diets, william crook md the pioneer nad author of yeast conn. said the no l think he had seen that FED the candida was SUGAR some said avoid sweet potatoes or any hi carbs i don't think he agreed i may be wrong no doubt...
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    Colon Cleanse and Minocycline

    Has anyone every tried dr. richard schultzes intesetnal cleanse formulas?? is he a quack i know he's been sued but then others swear by his program thanks paul mark
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    Ruby on vitamix

    dear ruby: i found on web a 2 speed 64 oz vitamix and on another site a 4500 delux model which do you use you said something about don't want the pulp? thanks paul mark
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    Linda the pharmacist may i ask question please

    Jan has been helping me with some ideas, dr. dale guyer my new cfs dr. recommend in notes vasopressin trial to stop my chronic frequent urination that leaves me sodium depleted and electrolyte imbalanced, IS VASOpressin safe and normally well tolerated even in us CFIDS people??? I am very...
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    THANKS the tips help i would like to say this : my most chronic of many symptoms and persisten i described as a suffocating sandpapery dry fire ant like burning biting tingling raspy sensation in tongue mouth throat upper bronchials 24/7 I THINK some is is acidosis from the freqent sugar ice...
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    Is Hulda Clark a quack??

    dear Jan: no you don't offend me you are right and i realize it, yes i have extreme freqent urination and have since teens, on my basic metabolic profile (blood) and urine osmolisity my sodium was way low, i try to juice some veggies that have natural sodium salt water makes me sick and the...
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    Vegetable Juicing

    You raw food people and juicers, can you tell me the best veggie juices ( can't toelrate fruit juices cept a little apple/pear in some veggie juices) to cleanse the kidneys and colon thanks Paul mark