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    Anyone here have Kenny de Meleir experience of treatment? Ruti?

    Has anyone here been to Dr Kenny de Meleir in Belgium for treatment? There is one woman here called "Ruti" who I can not get in contact with. She went to him and I read her experience in the archives. I would have liked to hear more from her. Is there anybody else who had treatment here? It...
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    Melatonin and heavy periods

    I been taking melatonin for 10 years+. It has been the only thing that helps my delayed circadium rythm and bad CFS sleep. After the first 2-3 years of taking melatonin I started having heavy periods. they were getting a few days longer coming close together. After umpteen doctors I was...
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    BUTYRATE for gut problems - Has anyone tried it?

    There is a website resource I like at It is mainly for people with Aids + HIV but it has suggestions for CFS/ME as well It has has suggested Butyrate for Gut problems. I suffer from Constipation dominant IBS. When the constipation is not too bad I get stools of a...
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    Jamin Health and others: Grapeseed extract and IBS questions

    To Jaminhealth and others I have problems with (Constupation dominant) IBS so I need to be careful with what I take. How does grapeseed extract react with the digestive system? Do you take it in liquid form or in capsules and which do you think is easier to digest? Also what brand do you...
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    Dealing with PWCFS who talk"willpower/excercise"

    I live in Israel. The CFS and Fibro group in Israel bases all it's ideas on the American CFIDS Associciation or IACFS. They are very pro excercise for this illness. I tried writing to them to tell them to look at the CFIDS Foundation or other groups that are better IMO b/c they don't recommend...
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    Coolma: What foot supports hav helped foot pain in Fibro? Details

    My fibromyalgia extends to pain in the soles of the feet. I have gone to orthopedic shops and had a insole made out of plaster. These have only partially worked and been suprisingly variable in effectiveness. The main question is that I saw a member here called "coolma" talk about some shoe...