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    Your last post disturbed me and I responded, maybe not too helpfully. Please let us know that you're "hanging on". Know you're not really okay but want you to know I'm thinking of you and telling you truthfully that things will get worse but then a little better. Love, Ev
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    Shoess Jerry

    I don't post often, am still overwhelmed with grief and going to counseling. Am so sorry about your wife's decline. I am so fortunate because my husband knew me to the very end even though he knew no one or nothing else. It must have been so hard to have your dear wife change her personality...
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    Not unexpectedly, I have had an emotional setback so I will not be posting for a while. My biggest regret right now is that I will not be able to meet Debbie and her family who are supposed to be in this area this week. I wish I could get in touch with her but cannot. My daughters went back...
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    He's gone

    My husband died yesterday afternoon. I had spent the whole day with him. He was in no pain. He was semi-comotose but I repeatedly whispered in his ear "I love you", and toward the end he mouthed back "I love you". Those were his last words. A good friend sat with him and me until my...
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    He smiled at me

    My husband's eyes have been unfocused for days. I thought he would never "see" me again. Then yesterday, after a couple of hours of just just sitting there beside him, telling him I was there over and over again, he turned his head and looked right at me. I started to cry and he lifted his...
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    Has anyone experienced this?

    Alice? Anyone? When I visited my husband yesterday he was in a profoundly deep sleep, snoring loudly, unmoving. Yet his eyes were wide open and fixed on the ceiling. Nothing I did could awaken him. He remained that way for a half hour while I called to him, rubbed his arms, his face, his...
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    Man I love in last stages

    To his son, sister, neices, nephews, my husband of 41 years is in the last stages of AL. Phone numbers left at his bedside a year ago are no longer in service. He is no longer able to dial out. Nursing home has no current outgoing number for emergencies, except mine. His phone is still active...
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    Hey Jerry

    I saw you and your beautiful wife holding hands at the nursing home today. I said hello and she smiled and you waved.
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    I miss Alice

    Is her computer still down? Can't help but worry about her; she was so dedicated to helping all of us. Ev
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    I was a new bride today

    My husband was all smiles when I walked into the NH. It took me a while to understand him but I finally got it: "Wasn't that a beautiful ceremony?" What ceremony says I. "Our wedding this morning." Well, that was 41 years ago but I'll take it. Guess I'm pretty lucky that he still knows who...
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    Can someone at least let us know that she's okay. A lot of us really love that woman. Ev
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    A sweet visit

    Someone on the board said that the AZ patient doesn't smile in the last stage. Well, I believe my husband is in that stage but he still smiles at me. He eats no more than a spoonful or two of soft food and takes a few careful swallows of thickened juice. He cannot reposition himself in bed...
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    Norbert Please No food at all

    What should I expect? My husband suffered from asperation pneumonia twice because he has forgotten how to swallow. He is offered only thickened liquids and pureed foods. In the past couple of days he has taken none of them. Not even a sip or spoonful. They are now intravenously hydrating...
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    Haven't seen him for two days

    Tomorrow will make three. I've been ill,not seriously but enough to keep me in bed. I phone the nurses twice during the day when they change shifts and ask them to please go into his room and tell him that I love him and will get to him as soon as I can. I don't think he remembers. I don't...
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    Thank you, Alice

    Was planning to reply in kind but spent all night last night at the nursing home watching my husband trying to breathe. Reflected on what you said about trouble swallowing at the end and I think that's the problem, not pneumonia.Or could possibly be both. Am going to suggest soft foods and see...
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    Don't know if you're still checking in but I thought of you as I entered the nursing home today. The same man who comes to visit his wife every day was sitting on a sofa beside her as he has for the past year. For a moment I wondered, Is that Jerry? He's always talking to her quietly and she...
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    New Study - Broken heart syndrome real

    Harvard Medical School Nicholas Christakis, lead author "New research says you can die of a broken heart. When one spouse becomes ill there is a heightened rise of death for the other. For instance, a woman whose husband was hospitalized with dementia was 28 percent more likely to die than...
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    Hoped he would forget me

    At times I did hope he would forget me so he wouldn't be so sad if I couldn't visit every day or couldn't stay for hours. Well, I've been away for a few days, grieving for my sister, and what do you know? A friend went to see him yesterday and he didn't even realize I hadn't been there. Now...
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    Please write and let us know that you got through your bad spell. Am concerned. Ev
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    Norbert - A moral dilemma

    My husband is losing strength rapidly because for the past few months he has adamently refused to stand or get into a wheelchair and needs two people to get him into his bathing chair every few days. Yet he says constantly that he wants to go home and that he can stand up and walk to our car...