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    Nodules in lungs? Anyone?

    Have 7mm nodule in one lung and "many" in both; unknown cause. Tested neg. for fungal and mycos... Any ideas? skeptik2
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    RichVanK has died suddenly...

    Phoenix Rising has a notice from Diana VanKonyenburg that Rich died suddenly in his sleep last night of a massive heart attack. Her grace and care prompted that we patients should be among the first to know, making her and Rich two of the most kind, helpful and compassionate people who believe...
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    Dr. in San Antonio, TX?

    Does anyone know of good dr., willing to listen, good staff, and excellent billing services? San Antonio has 1.7M people now! Yet I don't know one doctor to refer callers to, that actually believe in the viral and co-infections in patients with CFS. I was a SG leader here back in mid-90s; it...
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    AD in Wash.Post MONDAY!

    Go to See the winning Ad! Tell everyone you know! FINALLY! skeptik2
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    ME/CFS Ad Voting in about 24 Hours!

    If anyone here belongs to the ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance, I want to let you know that we will be having the final vote on the Ad to go into the Washington Post within a couple of weeks! If you're on facebook, you can go to Causes and look for the name above, or just follow this: causes...
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    Advocacy Group that will Impact YOU

    There is an advocacy group on Facebook called the ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance, under Causes: Not many people know that the Whittemore Peterson Institute is testing children for XMRV in Autism and have found it in some so tested, plus many other immune and...
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    BEWARE..."Cures" being Sold

    Now that XMRV is out there, of course we are going to be inundated with "cures" and sites that claim to have the answers for us. Please be discerning and skeptical of these sites! If they know anything at all, they should know that clinical trials must be done in actual patients (not you...
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    OCT 2010 CFSAC Meeting

    We must begin right now thinking about what we want to say to the CFSAC committee. The NIH/FDA study will be published by then: it is rumored they found XMRV in 80% of CFS patients. The XMRV Working Group meets Sept 7th; I'm sure PH will be watching both the NIH/FDA study and the Working...
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    THROW AWAY YOUR MMS! Link.... skeptik2
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    KHALY: See 'Formysister' post, mold

    Told her I'd ask you... skeptik2
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    EXCITING XMRV Global Action site!

    A couple of brilliant people on Cort's site put together over just a few days, right before Christmas, a new site to raise funds for XMRV research. They are also on facebook...check it out! They intend to get every org that has any link to XMRV related illnesses, (as they are detected) to join...
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    The alarm went off, but before I start my Christmas Day, I want to thank ProHealth for being here with good info and supplements for us.... And to all the people here who make this my 'second home', I want to tell you how much you mean to me. You're as much a part of my life as my own...
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    From Us, To Those Alone Today

    I promised I would be here today to let you who are alone and possibly lonely know that we are all remembering you with love and caring. We want you to be filled with our caring. We want you to know we think you are some of the most courageous people we have ever known. We want to fill you...
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    Any help for hypothermia?

    I have spent the day in bed with hypothermia (doctors don't believe me), and cannot get out from under the covers and have severe neuropathic lower leg pain that is worse with cold. Does anyone know what I can do to besides 4 layers of blankets and a heating pad? I am in agony. I have no...
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    What I would say at the CFSAC

    I would say, "keep your "CFS", William Reeves, you aren't even looking at what I have. Keep your "CFS" patients; someday soon you will have your funding for "CFS" pulled out from under you, as you are not, and have never been, researching anything at all. You have only been lying and cheating...
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    WPI answered my email!!!

    These people are so kind and considerate, and as you know, we with M.E are not used to that... I had asked about giving blood for their research, and getting the XMRV test for my grdau especially. They said they are working with a lab to do some limited testing and that they can't accept...
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    URGENT: READ Quayman's CFSAC Oct 29/30 Post NOW!

    Look dear ones, we all are suffering from one degree to another with these DDs, but NOW is the time for us to put some of our energy into the most important event of the past 25 years. If you have been sick for 2 years, unless we all act concertedly, you may be sick for another 25 years...
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    Finding 21-30 y.o. disabled friends?

    As many of you know, I recently had my 21 y.o. M.E. dau. (sick since age14) come live with me so I can take care of her. Problem: She needs to get around other people her age! She's 20 miles from the nearest downtown area, can't drive. Needs others who understand her inability to keep plans all...
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    Do You Know What's Going On?

    I'm surprised at the few number of replies to the most important posts on here right now, for this time and place in history: Quaymans post about the testimonies at the CFSAC meeting and outofsteps about the Hillary Johnson speech. If we don't keep the momemtum up, all will be lost; unless of...
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    Get thee on over to the ME/FM Board!

    Geez, you guys have a lot of energy! Please get it on over to the ME Board if you already haven't, and USE it for ACTION NOW, would you? We neeed your help, help, help!!! skeptik2