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    Rich van K: Choline sensitivity & Methylation

    For Rich & any other interested readers: I've been concerned about the low level of choline in my diet due to various food intolerances & sensitivities. My average intake is about 900 mg/week (incl. 50 mg/day in multivite), while the RDA for women is around 450 mg/day. While I would not call...
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    Choline Sensitivity & Depression

    Under most circumstances, I would not call myself a depressed person. I do have significant family history of major depression. My diet is very low in choline sources, and has been for many yrs., due to food allergies & sensitivities. I've calculated that I consume about 900 mg. of choline...
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    Two Cat Doctors has posted a sticky on the Health Board with many excellent suggestions. FWIW, I can't get to the Health board directly from this one ... I usually have to detour to another board to get there. Best wishes to all. [This Message was Edited on 07/08/2010]
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    Hope for Bad Knees Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation in Cartilage Lesions of the Knee: Long-term Evaluation With MRI The Swedes have it! Very good success with implanting one's own chondrocytes to regrow cartilage. Success maintained 9 - 18 post...
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    Doznclan3 -- Urgent!

    Please see my msg to you in the Blood Pressure thread. You MUST NOT increase your potassium while on Lotrel without close medical supervision.
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    LDN Anniversary

    It's been about a yr. now that I've been taking LDN at the 4.0 mg. dose. Things are going pretty well for me -- much more active, less arthritis pain & swelling, less fibro pain.<BR> <BR> I just got a raft of bloodwork done & a number of things have normalized. My white...
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    Hi there, I was looking back at some older posts & saw that at one point you were considering LDN. Did you give it a go? I'm curious whether it's been helpful to you or not. Best wishes.
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    On another thread you mentioned something about healthcare workers taking LDN as a possible flu preventative. I tried googling to bring that up but struck out. Do you have a link or search terms? Am taking LDN at present but wondering about adding colostrum to it & having Sambucol around...
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    The Fibromyalgia Spectrum I recently discovered this short article on proHealth by Mark Pellegrino, describing 8 different subsets of FM. Many newbies to our Dx are confused by differing symptoms and differing levels of pain reported by people with FM dx...
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    Canadian Swine flu vaccination This is a very good article. I prefer to provide the link rather than to copy & paste, due to copyright concerns. Our Canuck friends will be given the opportunity to receive the GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) H1N1 vacc, replete with...
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    Dessicated Thyroid (Armour, etc) Shortage -- New Update Consumer advocate Mary Shomon updates readers on twists & turns, and what can be done about it. My sympathies to those of you who were doing well on the old Armour formulation ...
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    Fibro in Forbes Magazine This article talks about successful treatment of fibro with low-dose Naltrexone.
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    Flaxseed Info Flaxseed is currently considered a health food, and often promoted to women. This article talks about the history of flax as a foodstuff, consumption of flax in other countries, and biochemical aspects of flaxseed nutrition. Caveat...
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    Study: Thyroid problems & Lupus I found this abstract v. interesting. It's my observation in talking to other folks w/nonthyroid autoimmune disease, that their docs really don't see any link -- causative or resulting, between...
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    Research: High Rate of Thyroid Dysfunction in SLE My personal experience is that treatment of even mild thyroid dysfunction is an important aspect of "feeling better" when one has an autoimmune disease. Treating a thyroid problem will not cure the...
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    Fluoride Toxicity

    This is a problem all too common today. Fluroide is a potent enzyme inhibitor -- at least 50 human enzymes are inhibited by the fluoride we inhale, absorb, ingest. Avoidance of fluoro products is the first step. Adequate iodine intake is also important. For detox, tamarind fruit is very...
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    LDN has helped my arthritis

    It's excellent! I rarely need to use my cane or walker any more. Am able to do moderate physical work for up to 4 hrs at a time; shopping for 7 hrs!!<BR> <BR> I have mixed-cause arthritis: some OA, seroneg RA, reactive arthritis. Past dxs of lupus & MCTD, though I probably...
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    Honest Medicine

    IME, we deserve better and more effective care than we are getting. Too many of us believe that the US has the best healthcare system in the world. Well hello, we are number one only in cost. MANY other countries have better healthcare outcomes. The Honest Medicine group regularly examines...
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    Thyroid & Itching

    Loto & Interested Others, IME, many types of itching are not constant. Even with a bad case of hives (which may not be what we are talking about here, but which does exemplify some of the worst itchiness known to man), there will tend to be a flux in severity throughout the day. When...
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    Hi there, I'm butting in to give you some unasked for advice on the thyroid antibody question. I'm not going to speak to the methylation supps -- will leave that to R van K. Iodine supplementation alone has been shown in a fair number of studies to be a culprit in INcreasing thyroid...