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    Gender, Hormones & CFS Increased estrogen is critical for fetal maturation & a healthy pregnancy ... Estradiol does NOT decrease during pregnancy. Also, it's been my understanding that menopause, a low estrogen state, leads to increased CFS symptoms...
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    "Salt" triggers my fibro big time

    Sodium & potassium balance each other out in the body. Potassium is very important for muscle function, and most Americans don't get anywhere near the 3,500 mg/day RDA. Sources are mainly fruits & veg. Many people eat a banana a day "for potassium," which is a good start, but not everyone is...
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    skin tanning with white spots

    I would urge your daughter to see her doc & ask for testing to rule out Addison's disease (adrenal insufficiency). Addison's can be life-threatening -- but can also come in milder forms. There may be other reasons for daughter's pigmentation issues, but what you describe coupled with...
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    I'm turning into a celery stick (:!!!

    One of my favorite ways to eat celery is to combine w/sliced mushroom & saute/stir-fry in a tiny bit of oil. You can sprinkle with soy sauce, or not. I find it easy to consume several stalks at a sitting this way. Jaw gets less tired than when munching on the raw stalks.
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    Anyone on calcitonin?

    Klarry, I have a few thoughts however please know up front I have not taken calcitonin spray. Your body needs calcium for "operating" -- are you getting enough dietary calcium for both the calcitonin storage operation as well as daily ops? If you decide to take supps, be sure to find a type of...
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    One source you could look into is the Russell Blaylock's book, Excitotoxins. also has some good info.
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    This is a drug developed for Alzheimer's Disease. It is an NMDA receptor antagonist. There has been some off-label rxing for fibro pain. For myself ... before trying such a new drug with off-label rx ... I would look into glutamate/GABA balancing through diet. The NMDA receptors in your...
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    postmeno hrt question for those with any experience

    There was a study done on 2009, Journal of Menopause, on DHEA vag cream as an alternative to estrogens ... good results for most subjects. The impetus for the study was the finding that women who have few symptoms in menopause tend to have higher DHEA levels than those who don't. So maybe the...
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    Right quadrant upper back pain, please help!

    often work better than the chemical stuff. Not convenient, I know. But if heat helps at all, you can stick on one of those Thermacare packs & you're good for about 8 hrs., IME. Travel gives us all sorts of opportunities to strain soft tissue. Most people experience muscle strains/pulls...
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    Calcium supplements increase heart attack risk - BBC article

    According to Web MDs analysis, as well as that of another med site I frequent, the researchers did not include those who took calcium plus D. >>> Study: Calcium May Increase Heart Attack Risk WebMD...
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    Calcium supplements increase heart attack risk - BBC article

    as I understand it, excluded those who took calcium w/D. It looked at 11 studies of those who took calcium (only) supps. The conclusions are based on the findings of 5/11 studies. As far as calcium always coming with D -- not so. Many, many women I know simply take Tums or any old cheap...
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    L-carnitine do you take it and does it help???

    Carnitine in very small doses (50 mg.) is helpful. I take it occasionally to help preserve muscle mass. But personally, I haven't found it to be a miracle. Now, your mileage may vary. Our bodies, when working optimally, do manufacture carnitine. However there are a number of genetic...
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    Rich van K: Choline sensitivity & Methylation

    Thanks for your suggestion. It is a good one for many people. I know egg yolk is a great choline source, however I have a life-long egg allergy. Certain dairy products contain choline, but have dairy allergy. I am very sensitive to soy, peanut & several other legumes, which are good choline...
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    Low Dose Naltrexone

    I've been on LDN for close to two years. I took many months to build up my dose, but in time it became very helpful. I have fibro. With LDN, I got my life back -- my ability to garden & do volunteer work, to participate in activities for up to 6 hrs. at a time before hitting the wall. I'm...
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    Alcohol Tolerance

    In my case has been life-long & is genetic. Alcoholics in the family are a BIG clue for genetic alcohol intolerance. When there is a deficiency of the dehydrogenase enzyme that breaks down either alcohol or its byproduct, acetaldehyde, alcohol intolerance becomes evident. Certain ethnic...
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    Choline Sensitivity & Depression

    Thanks jam, I'll look into NAET.
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    Rich van K: Choline sensitivity & Methylation

    You've given me a lot to think about, Rich. I had no idea that the tests you mentioned were available. Since the effects of even a relatively small amt of supplemental choline seem to be so long-lasting, I'm wondering about the acetycholinesterase aspect. Not sure if it's related, but I am...
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    Choline Sensitivity & Depression

    Thanks for your reply. I hadn't even considered talking to my allergist about it. Guess I'd assumed that since it was an essential nutrient, that allergy wasn't an issue. But egg & soy -- both major choline sources -- are allergy issues for me. Since it's protein fractions that tend to be...
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    Throbbing headache from sensory overload...

    Sometimes can be defused with magnesium & GABA supplements. Mg deficiency can predispose anyone to auditory hypersensitivity; several recent studies have suggested that many people are Mg deficient. Attention to glutamate sources in diet (there are MANY) can be helpful. GABA agonist meds or...
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    Rich van K: Choline sensitivity & Methylation

    For Rich & any other interested readers: I've been concerned about the low level of choline in my diet due to various food intolerances & sensitivities. My average intake is about 900 mg/week (incl. 50 mg/day in multivite), while the RDA for women is around 450 mg/day. While I would not call...