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  1. richcarson

    CFS Name Change Advisory Committee grows

    There is good news and message board visitors should be the first to hear it. Dr. Nancy Klimas has joined the CFS Name Change Advisory Committee today, 11/26/06. Dr. Klimas has dedicated much of her career to solving the mystery of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome She heads up a center for CFS...
  2. richcarson


    Has anybody experienced any CFS or FM symptom improvement on the statin drug, fluvastatin? It is sold under the brand name Lescol.
  3. richcarson

    Mercury detox protocol

    I received several letters in response to last week's Founders Corner and have not had a chance to return all of them. Perhaps I can answer some questions here regarding my mercury protocol. I have no doubt that mercury toxicity can play a major role in causing CFS and I am quite certain that...
  4. richcarson

    Founder's Corner preference/ideas?

    I am trying to decide what to write about in next weeks Founder's Corner for the CFS newsletter and I am playing with several ideas. Can you give me feedback on which of the following topics our readers would find the most interesting? Bear in mind that the message needs to have broad appeal...
  5. richcarson

    Campaign for a Fair Name--WE CAN DO IT!

    Thanks a million for the wonderful support you have given me on this board. I appreciate the great comments and pats on the back--simply wonderful! There have been several thoughtful questions presented here and they deserve thoughtful answers. It will be difficult for me respond to every...
  6. richcarson


    I am excited to share my all about my recovery and I am working on an article for one of the upcoming newsletters. I am a slow writer and additionally, I have found myself busier than I could have possible imagined now that I am once again running ProHealth. Being the 'CEO'...
  7. richcarson

    Namenda update

    On 02/22/04 I posted information on Namenda--a newly approved Alzheimer’s drug that may have clinical application in the treatment of FM and CFS. I had been taking the drug for about six weeks and I felt there was it was helping me with symptoms of my CFS, particularly energy, mood, and...
  8. richcarson

    Proposed new FM and CFS treatment

    Greetings, A newly FDA approved drug may relieve many of the symptoms of CFS and FM and is now available by prescription. The drug, Namenda, went on sale in the USA in early January, 2004, and is indicated for Alzheimer’s disease. It is also known by its chemical name, memantine. There...
  9. richcarson

    From the founder

    Greetings! James and the internet team at the Pro Health, the managers of this message board and website, have just implemented a new computer program to speed up the web servers to make the message board faster. You should start to see an improvement in speed and this is...