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    Oops! Got lost again. OK, see ya later aga laters. Rock

    Hugs, Rock
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    Well, Folks, seems like it's been a long hop, skip and a jump since we had a new game. Of course most new games are just old games modified. Anyhoo this one has simple rules. 1) Think of a movie title. 2) Modify it. Gone With The Window. The Wizard of Oohs and Ahs. Hopalong Cassidy And...
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    PORCH NO. 1118 FEB. 28, 2019

    Hi Kids Gordon attempted to open a new porch. Don't know what he did exactly, but I can't find the brief message he wrote. Can't remember where Mikie went. Was it Colorado? Hope we don't have any storms that will cause problems for flyers. Rock
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    PORCH NO. 1118 IS NOW CLOSED (2/28/19)

    Rock is watching me closing and helping me open a new porch. i'm unable to attached a fun pictures for your enjoyment. sorry. it's going to rain again this weekend and more coming next week. the temperature here have not gone over 68 degree for the whole month of february. very unusual for...
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    PORCH No. 1100 is now CLOSED Nov. 17, 2018

    Hi Kids Come on in. The porch is open to all, closed to none and no remuneration is required. I was looking around for a picture of a house with a porch. Found lots of 'em, but they were all too big. But I guess that no longer matter so much with the pic being reduced to thumb nail size...
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    Porch No. 1098 is now CLOSED Nov. 3, 2018

    This is gordon and i decided to open the new porch seeing how everyone is occupied. this is a exciting time for me. my cattelya, Pamelal Hertherton has 4 buds on the spike an should be opening in a couple of days. the color is pink with a ruffled lip with a dot of yellow. this flower...
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    Porch No. 1095 Now CLOSED, Oct. 18, 2018

    Hi Folks. Com'on in. Join the conversation. The house below has a porch. The window reminds me of the one in Grant Wood's painting American Gothic. This is a doll house. In my home village we had a Dahl house. It was life sized. The Dahl family lived there. The name was popular in...
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    PORCH NO. 1094 Oct. 12, 2018 is CLOSED

    Hi Kids Come on in. Pull up a chair. Sit yourself down. Stay as long as you like. Help yourself to some home made treats and something to drink. Just woke up from a nap. Went to see the chiro in Eagle Rock this morning. We didn't have to travel as far as Cairo, Egypt, but the place...
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    Jokes, Riddles, and Funny Bits

    Hi Kids Here are some funny memos written by producers and executives of TV shows to the people who were actually making the shows. The title of this little gem of a book is "A martian wouldn't say that." A memo saying just that was written to the producer of the TV show My Favorite Martian...
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    Porch No 1093 is Open. Oct. 7, 2018.

    Hi Kids Welcome to a new episode of Kids On the Porch. Brought to you every day by Pro Health, The folks who Pro-vide this venue to help us on our way. The beautiful house above has not one but two porches. It was built during the Civil War in Wilmington by Phineas Banning, just South of...
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    Loneliness and vice versa

    Time to revisit a thread that GB initiated some years ago. We are looking for songs with a title or lyrics that mention loneliness or its opposites such as friendship, love, and camaraderie. For example, "my Huckleberry friend" from Moon River by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer. Met the...
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    Porch No 1088 is closed. SEPT 13, 2018.

    Hi Kids Our new porch is open. Just came in from watering. The big news is the naked ladies are in bloom again. And our newest plant, the Mexican Spider, is in bloom. It is even more striking in person than in the pic below. Have been reading an unusual book. I can read what one of my...
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    Porch No 1087 is CLOSED SEPT 8, 2018.

    HOW-DEE as Minnie Pearl used to say. Minnie first appeared on the stage of The Grand Ole Opry the year I was born. Fifty-one years later she was still appearing there. She apparently she had an enormous collection of hats. She was always wearing a new one. You could tell it was new...
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    Here's another song game. Post titles or lyrics that mention food. America The Beautiful: amber waves of grain. OLD MacDonald Had A Farm: chickens, pigs, cows. Molly Malone: Fish, cockles, and mussels. Shortning Bread. A song associated with Nelson Eddy. Vivian Vance is on the same...
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    Porch No 1085 is CLOSED Aug. 29, 2018.

    Hi Folks, Join the Party The last post on the previous thread was by Mikie. Be sure to read same if you haven't already. Don't miss it if you can. Rock
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    Porch No 1083 is CLOSED Aug. 18, 2018.

    Hi Kids Did you know that reading thrillers can be educational as well as entertaining? One often finds ephemera previously used as bookmarks. Business cards, library slips, tickets stubs, etc. I have one hear from United Airlines regarding a Mr. S. Dunleavy who flew from San Francisco to...
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    Porch No. 1081 is CLOSED, Aug. 11, 2018

    Com'on in. Rock
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    Post the first line of a song lyric. Players post the next line. You can post the whole thing if you know it and are feeling energetic. Q. How much is that doggie in the window? A. The one with the waggedly tail. Q. First the tide rushes in A. Plants a kiss on the shore 1 That fateful...
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    Porch No. 1076 is CLOSED July, 21,2018

    Here we go again, Folks. Rosin on the bow, and away we go. Bow and curtsey. Grab your Gal. Wave at the band. Wave at your pal. All join hands and circle right. Gonna dance all through the night. The moon is out, but not the sun. Either way we'll have some fun. Gents, take your corner...
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    Porch No. 1074 is CLOSED, July, 12,2018

    Here's a Rocky Mt. High Home. The sorta place where people like Mikie and John Denver hang out. This place looks kinda familiar. I think I've been there. Or maybe it was posted before. Rock