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  1. lydia1

    Prayers for friend with brain tumor

    Just thought I would put this out there...I know there are many prayer warriors on here. My husband's best friend's wife has been diagnosed with a very fast-growing was attempted, but there are two tumors...doctors could only remove a small portion of one and couldn't even...
  2. lydia1

    Good advice

  3. lydia1

    PORCH #1130 (4/30/2019) IS CLOSED

    A day early, but...has anyone ever danced around a May Pole? Good morning, everyone...a beautiful Tuesday, even though it is raining cats and dogs here, lol! Sun, Mikie, Rock and Granni have some posts back on #1129, but we were getting into the 40's with replies, so I thought I'd go ahead...
  4. lydia1

    PORCH #1129 NOW CLOSED (4/25/2019)

    Hope it's okay with everyone if I go ahead and start a new porch. Mikie had an earlier post on the last thread and I had started one, but had to go do some chores...anyway, here we are. I'll get this going, then come back and visit. I can see that I'm going to have to open another window just...
  5. lydia1


    Haven't started a new porch in awhile, but woke up so early this morning and am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, lol! Not really, but it sounds good :p I did get the fire going again before Den got up, so that gave him a little break...good timing as he slept in a little bit. Don't forget to go...
  6. lydia1

    PORCH 1078 is now CLOSED JULY 30, 2018

    Good Monday morning! Mikie was here earlier, but had to leave for an appt., so I thought I'd go ahead and get a new porch going. Not much news here...I'm trying to function on less than four hours sleep...I blame it on the full moon, lol! Amy texted me at 7:30 as she headed to work and I...
  7. lydia1

    Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir...Wow!

    What a powerful song...enjoy and feel the presence of the Lord.
  8. lydia1

    The porch #1063 is CLOSED 5/18/2018

    Oh goodness! I can't remember what number to put for this porch! I'll go find it and come back. In the meantime, here is my DGD, Keira...just before her concert. Okay, I think I got it figured out. Actually, I just came on to check on deepest sympathies, Dear One, on the loss of your...
  9. lydia1

    PORCH 1062 IS CLOSED 5/13/2018

    Hi on the computer late and thought I'd go ahead and start a new porch. I'll go finish up the last one, then come back and visit. Lots of posts back there, so catch up when you get a chance. On second thought...I can barely see to type...very tired and my eyes just aren't working. So...
  10. lydia1

    PORCH 1054 is now CLOSED (April 12, 2018)

    Hi friends! Hope it's okay if I get a new porch going. I don't have a picture yet, but will go look for one. If not, I'll bet Mikie has one in her files :)...okay, found just a general one, but the view looks pretty me, at least. I'll be back in a minute to visit... Yesterday was the...
  11. lydia1

    PORCHLIGHT #1026 CLOSED 12/22/17

    Just hopped on and started to type and realized we needed a new porch. Lots of posts on the last one, so go back and catch up. I'll get this one going then come back and visit. Granni, how did your mish mosh turn out? What a good name, by the way. My poor dad has never liked casseroles...I'm...
  12. lydia1

    PORCH #1019 IS CLOSED...11/28/2017

    Hi friends! Have a few minutes this evening, along with a few brain cells actually "firing", so thought I would stop and chat a bit. I'll post this while I look for a porch pic, then come back. Found a pic...wonder if those hanging sofas are actually sturdy enough to hold someone without...
  13. lydia1


    Hi everyone...I don't have a picture to post right now, so feel free to add one to this volume. Didn't feel quite right to start new without Mikie here, but hopefully she will be able to check in soon. Can't believe we are only one volume away from 1000! Won't that be an exciting day...I hope...
  14. lydia1

    PORCHLIGHT VOLUME 992...8/16/2017 (CLOSED)

    Hi guys! Thought I would go ahead and get a new volume started. Lots of posts at the end of 991, so go back and read those. Keira and I had a busy day today. I took her to her town to get the lenses changed in her glasses (two hour drive from my house)...we then had lunch at one of our favorite...
  15. lydia1

    PORCHLIGHT #948 IS CLOSED 1/4/2016

    Hi everyone! I was just going to bed when I saw that Sacajawea2 had posted on one of the earlier porches. So I am going to move that post over here. It is so good to hear from you!!!! So, come on in, everyone! Hope to see some more friends when I get up in the morning. I'll keep the fire going...
  16. lydia1

    PORCHLIGHT #942 IS CLOSED...DEC. 12, 2016

    Hi everyone...thought I would get a new volume going before I head back to bed...although after a four hour nap today, I'm not sure what time I'll fall asleep, lol! Check out the last porch for posts from me, Granni and others. Oh, I have to come back and share this joke, since some of us have...
  17. lydia1

    PORCHLIGHT #937 CLOSED 11/19/2016

    Hi everyone! Time to get a new porch, these seem to be flying by. It's nearly 11:00 pm in my neck of the woods, so I will be headed to bed soon...just have a bit of paperwork to do first. I went to the CB club luncheon (the one I used to take Gpa to, once a month.) Everyone seemed...
  18. lydia1

    PORCHLIGHT #936 NOW CLOSED...11/15/2016

    Hi everyone! I can't stay, but wanted to get a new porch going before I go to the vet to pick up Oreo. And here's a pic of me and Den with our Tennessee Treasures.
  19. lydia1

    PORCH #918 ~ AUGUST 31, 2016, IS NOW CLOSED

    Hi everyone! I had gone to bed, then got back up to message Lindsey. Stopped by here and thought it might be a good time to get a new volume started. I don't have a whole lot of news, but hope everyone had a decent day. Star and Spring are already on "tomorrow", I think...and Rock, Barry, Sun...
  20. lydia1


    Sun, maybe this will help you get started? I don't know if this is "kosher" or not, but I can edit the title to whatever you want it to say. I didn't even ask if you wanted it on the chit chat board or a different board. I can also edit this first post to say whatever you want. Sort of a round...