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    Waiting to see Dr Lapp CFS/FMS Specialist Any want me to ask question for them?

    Goodmorning All, I thought I would give you all an opportunity to pose a question to Dr Charles Lapp. He is a renowned ME/CFS, FMS specialist and I could ask him a question for you if you would like. My appointment is @ 9:00 but I may be in the waiting room for a bit also so please feel free...
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    Ampligen anyone?

    Jam, Thanks for replying. I tried searching before I posted the question and nothing came up but I just tried again and this time the search did bring up some. I'm feeling too sick and worn out at the moment to look at them. but I will tomorrow. Thanks again. Blessings~ Sally
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    L-lysine and Fibro/Chronic Fatigue

    Hi Pastorwife, I take a really good lysine called.. Super Lysine plus, made by Quantum health. it has L-Lysine 1500mg vit c 100mg calcium 29mg garlic bulb odorless 200 mg echinecea whole plant 100 mg propolis...
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    Hi luvdogs, I noticed you are seeing Dr Lapp. I would like your opinion of him and his practice...

    Hi luvdogs, I noticed you are seeing Dr Lapp. I would like your opinion of him and his practice. I have my fisrt appointment coming up soon and am hoping it's going to be worth my time and money. It costs alot, cash due to him not accepting insurance. I have ME/CFIDS, FM, Lyme disease chronic...
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    Ampligen anyone?

    I just finish talking to Dr Lapps office. He is the Dr in Charlotte who is world renowned for treating ME/CFIDS, FM and does actually treat lyme too, to my surprise and delight. I have an appointment next week. He also will treat ME/CFIDS with ampligen injections. They treat with 2 injections a...
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    Is there not a lyme forum here anymore?

    There used to be a lyme forum. Did that go away when this board changed? Im looking for a lyme literate MD in the Triangle area of Raleigh NC. I tested positive with lyme and other co-infections a few years back. I began to see Dr Jemseck but it was right at the time the powers that be shut him...
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    Need article to bring to pain clinic Dr tomorrow-they dont think FM is real

    Willow and Ian, Thank you so much for your timely response to my request. I did referr to Medscape and found many educational articles. The difficulty I'm having is with their findings that opiode medications dont help with treating the pain associated with FM, ME/CFS, lyme disease, and back...
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    Need article to bring to pain clinic Dr tomorrow-they dont think FM is real

    I have an appointment with a pain clinic whom I have grown very frustrated with due to their lack of properly treating my FM, ME/CFS and severe back pain. Well I spoke to them on Friday confirming my appointment for Monday and the receptionist/assistant said they dont believe FM is a REAL...
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    need a dr in charlotte north carolina know one?

    Look up Dr Charlse Lapp. He's a specialist in FMS, ME/cfs. You can google him and his clinic will come up. You can also look him up on youtube and see him give any number of presentations as he is a main sought after speaker at many FMS/ ME/ CFS conferences. I have my first appointment coming up...
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    Peptide Injections Anyone?

    Does anyone know of a Dr who does this peptide treatment or amino acid solution injections in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area. Or how I can find out. There seems to be little information to be found...
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    immune system weak or not?

    Carolyn, I just wanted to respond since you haven't had one yet. I heard coconut oil rinseded in your mouth for 20 mins takes out infections. Coconut fights against bacterial, viral and fungul issues. I don't know if it would help but might be worth looking into. I hope you find some help...
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    CFS and Chronic Sinus Problem

    What exactly did the ent say was wrong with your sinuses? Have you tried a netty pot to rinse out your sinus cavities. My son had terrible sinus issues and the ENT kept giving him so many meds. till finally someone suggested we try a netty pott and it worked for him. Also their is something...
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    FIBRO SLEEP with sedapine, i cant believe

    I just checked out the ingredients because it sounded so good and I'm desperate for some sleep. Unfortunately it has melatonin in it so it's a no go for me as I've had a bad reaction to melatonin....severe hallucinations. It's too bad because the rest of the ingredients sound very good...
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    Can not keep up with housework. Anyone know of help available?

    I have been down for a while, in so much overwhelming pain and bone crushing fatigue. I'm pushing myself just to get out of bed each day. I haven't been able to get out in weeks, even to go to the grocery store never mind being able to clean my house. My husband helps out so much ,bless his...
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    Silver Sol

    Better then the old colliodal silver. Kills viruses, bacteria and yeast. Wonderful product and could benifit so many here.
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    Considering going to Dr Charles Lapp? Has anyone else gone to him?

    Thanks for your input thus far. I appreciate it! The upside of paying the big fee up front is that I only see him once a year and have conferences calls and talk to his P.A. for medication issues and refills. So no more hassle having to go to several Dr's here every month only to leave...
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    Considering going to Dr Charles Lapp. Input anyone?

    I know Dr Lapp deals specifically with Fibromyalgia and M.E/CF but I don't know what his specific protocol is. Has anyone here been to see him? I would appreciate any input. I'm leaning on going but it's a big financial commitment. It costs $ 1300. for the first visit and doesn't accept...
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    Considering going to Dr Charles Lapp? Has anyone else gone to him?

    If anyone has any experience with him and knows his regimen I would love to here from you. I would appreciate any input. I am so tired of getting my hopes up only to have them dashed. He is 3 hrs away so my husband would have to take a day off work to drive me and it is very costly. The first...