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    Nancy Klimas answers XMRV questions

    In today's New York Times Consults column Dr. Nancy Klimas answers readers' questions about XMRV.
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    CFS Definition Petition Still Online

    Posted 9/21/2009 on Co-Cure: I think there has been a lot of confusion - smokescreen - over what the so-called "empiric" or "new international" CDC definition of CFS is - So let me make this as clear as possible. Five months after patients pleaded at the CDC "stakeholder's" meeting that they...
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    Whittemore Peterson on Facebook

    Friends of the Whittemore Peterson Institute has a Facebook page at: The group has 206 members so far. They could use a few more!
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    Cognitive exercise games

    Maybe some of you have seen these. The games are designed to improve the cognitive skills of people with MS, but I found they seem to target the cognitive problems I have. Kind of fun, although I had a tough time with the directions.
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    "Chemo brain" Sound familiar?

    From the New York Times: August 4, 2009 PERSONAL HEALTH; The Fog That Follows Chemotherapy By JANE E. BRODY As more people with cancer survive and try to return to their former lives, a side effect of chemotherapy is getting more and more attention. Its name is apt, if unappealing: chemo...
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    ME Doctor Derek Enlander Interview

    From the Irish Medical Times June 19, 2009: Dara Gantly talks to Dr Derek Enlander — a Belfast-born doctor who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of myalgic encepalomyelitis (ME) — also known as chronic fatigue syndrome — in his New York practice. The full interview can be read at...
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    What Would Hippocrates Do?

    SEPTEMBER 23, 2008, 12:33 PM What Would Hippocrates Do? By TARA PARKER-POPE Lately, I’ve been reading a fascinating new book, “Hippocrates’ Shadow: Secrets From the House of Medicine” (Simon & Schuster, 2008), which explores the entrenched subculture of doctors and medical practice. The...
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    "You Name It, and Exercise Helps It"???

    I noticed in this morning's New York Times that Jane E. Brody (an excellent health writer, I believe) in her Personal Health column writes about the benefits of exercise for chronic illnesses. She neglected to mention that this is not the case with ME/CFS. Perhaps, one of you less-impaired...
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    I was just trying to explain to mindyandy420 the confusion about the name ME/CFS for our damn disease. The primary definition of CFS here in the US is the set of diagnostic criteria established by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). If the campaign for a Fair Name succeeds, the CDC will...