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    How many women here with endometriosis?

    I've been doing some research because I just had surgery last Friday and was told I had bunches of endometriosis and may be looking at a hysterectomy. I read that some think it is caused by an auto-immune disorder and that kind of fits with us. Just curious how many others were suffering...
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    Lower stomach pain doc blamed in Fibro is endomitriosis

    I posted a couple of weeks ago about a terrible experience with a doctor and nurse practitioner blaming my lower right quadrant stomach pain on Fibromyalgia and telling me my pain wasn't impressive. Well, my ob/gyn did a D&C and a scope yesterday and found tons of endomitriosis and said I'll...
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    Anyone take Ultram/Tramadol?

    Just wanted to know what this was supposed to do for me. So far, it just seems to make me a little tired.
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    Anyone ever thought of starting a consulting service for hospitals?

    After my terrible hospital experience (other post) and talk with a hospital administrator, I thought of volunteering to talk to the doctors when they have their meeting about chronic pain. I'd do it for free. Who wouldn't love to have this chance. I'd show up with a nice suit and good hair...
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    Well, it finally happened. Knew it was only a matter of time.

    I was admitted to the hospital through the ER on Saturday to a surgical floor because the doctor there thought I may have a problem with my appendix. Sunday, the nurse practitioner told me that my pain was not impressive. Huh? Monday, I asked her what she meant. I wasn't doubled over in pain...
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    Gastric Bypass vs. lapband

    I was all set to have lapband surgery and I went in for an EGD today. I asked my gastroenterologist his opinion on lap band. He was against it. He would rather see his patients have gastric bypass. I was shocked. I thought he would pick lap band but he said it was putting a foreign body...
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    Fevers, dizzy - these are new symptoms and I need help

    I've been dizzy for a couple of months. After MRIs and a few blood tests and a visit to the ENT, my regular doc has signed me up for vestibular therapy. I had a delay due to bunion and knee surgery. I also have fevers which they all just kind of tell me and ignore. They run from barely...
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    Is there a way to make the message type appear larger?

    There are times when the little type on this new board hurts my head. Anyone know a way to make it appear larger besides changing my entire screen resolution - I don't have trouble with other sites?
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    Anyone have Vestibular Therapy?

    I'd like to hear if it helped and what you thought. I'm scheduled to start on Tuesday. I've gone through CT scans, MRIs, etc. and they find no reason for my dizziness. My doc tells me this is the next step. I'm praying it works. I've been dizzy for a month.
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    Can't get MRI of brain because I had bunionectomy with

    screws. Anyone had any similar problem in the past? Isn't there some kind of contraption that they could put around my foot? The MRI people say I have to wait six weeks post surgery. I have been dizzy non-stop for three weeks and the prospect of having to wait another months is making crazy...
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    I have been really dizzy for two weeks. Anyone ideas?

    I haven't started any new meds. I did have an ear infection and the dizziness started in the middle of that. I finished my antibiotics and then had foot surgery. I waited a while after surgery hoping that was the cause but it hasn't gone away. Now, my doc had me take a CT scan. I don't have...
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    Surgery, Lyrica Wow

    I just had a bunionectomy done on my right foot. If you haven't had it done - it's very painful. I had my left foot done last year. While it still hurts quite a bit, it's much better than last year. I wonder if that is the Lyrica. I also had a different doc. but it's a big difference. I'm...
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    Tips for starting a new support group.

    A lady at church approached me about starting a new support group. She had gone to a couple in our area and they weren't her "cup of tea". She has talked to another lady and we're thinking of starting up a new one. Any comments, suggestions, for those of you who have started one? Thanks in...
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    How many with Fibro also have Diabetes?

    Diabetes runs in my family but I managed to avoid it until about three years ago. After my accident, I gained a substantial amount of weight and was very dormant. They also pumped me full of steroids. Just wondering if there were a lot of us out there with the same problem. It seems that...
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    Worried my son may have CF. My son is home from

    college this summer and he sleeps all the time. I know college kids do that but I mean until 4:00 p.m. and then he says he is tired. He usually gets in about midnight and goes right to bed. We went to visit his campus a couple of weeks ago and he honestly slept all the time. He would get up...
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    For people that Lyrica has helped. Did you ever take

    Vicodin? Some people tell me that it makes them tired. With me, I get more energy and I attributed it to feeling better but that may not be the case. Lyrica works for me - just wondering if that's a coincidence or not. If Lyrica worked for you, are you a person that pain meds make you tired...
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    Lyrica I can't believe it. If you haven't tried it, it's

    definitely worth a try. I know I've posted about the wonders of Lyrica before but... I'm up to 450 mgs and I actually have been able to ride my exercise bike for 20-25 minutes a day (2 sessions). I know if I told a normal person this, they would say "Big Deal". I know you guys understand...
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    Anyone try medical transcribing from home?

    I'm trying to look into this. My friend is an office manager and says there is a big market for it. I can type fast and God knows, I'm familiar with a lot of medical terms. I am willing to learn more.
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    Advice for the 4th. No sunburned head

    I don't know about you guys, but when I get a sunburn now, it hurts 10 times more than pre-Fibro. Since I am light complected and have light hair, I found that top of the head sunburns are the worst. I figured out that if I put a little of that SPF 15 powdered mineral makeup in my hair part...
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    Did you know Lyrica is a controlled substance?

    I had to get my Lyrica refill at a different pharmacy because I'm visiting a friend. The pharmacist told me that it was a controlled substance and I might have to jump through a few hoops if I picked it up at a different place next time. He said it was a class 4 where Vicodin is a class 3...