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    Single, how to cope

    I'd like people to share with me how they cope with their Fibro. being single. I get so lonesome sometimes and just need a hug and validation.
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    diclofenac gel

    I've had FM for 10+ years. Just last week my pain Dr. recommended Voltaren to rub onto my skin where my muscles ache and it seems to work pretty good. Why hadn't he recommended this before now? I also take Fentanyl patch, muscle relaxer and Percocet for breakthrough pain. Just wanted to share...
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    body can't tolerate even the simplest exercise

    Does anyone else have a problem of not being able to exercise, even minimally? I've tried water exercises and minimal exercise bike and I still end up in bed for the next day or two because my muscles are so sore. tj
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    liquid magnesium in spray or lotion form

    Has anyone tried this and have any success for pain? I really would like to try it. TJ
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    Has anyone had success with epidural shot?
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    I am scheduled for an epidural next week and wondered if anyone else has benefited from it?
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    Anyone know what kind of Dr. to see for this? I've recently heard of it and wonder if I have it instead of Fibro., but need to know what kind of Dr. diagnoses this. tjo Thanks!
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    DX for POTS

    What kind of Dr. can give this diagnosis?