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    Does anyone take Abilify for depression

    When my depression got worse earlier this year and I started having more anxiety and panic attacks,my dr gave me abilify as an add on to my zoloft. I don't take it very much,because I don't know that much abt it. Since she sent me to a psych he's also giving it to me,free,but I still don't take...
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    Is it ok for me to write the Dr a letter and spell it out

    to her how I feel and how I actually am and all my symptoms so she will be fully aware of what I want in my chart and what I want written on my SSd forms. I can write it out so much better than speaking and explaining it. I'm very forgetfull and often will write things down and take with me bvut...
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    TwoCatDoctors-Can you check something out for me please

    on the website. I'm wanting to print out all the disability forms I need to fill out and send in but I'm not sure if when I click there if that's all of them. So will you check that for me please. or you might know already. I clicked on forms,then disability and it shows the forms. I...
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    I'm just now reading abt Linda Fullerton and the SSD Coalition Board.

    I read that it was dismantled and her health was bad so I'm wandering if anyone has heard anything abt her since it's been so long. Is there another SSD board that has as much info and help as hers did.
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    What am I supp to talk abt with a Psych,the same thing I tell a counselor?

    Hi,I haven't posted in a long time.I won't go into it now but I've been sent to a psych and he's prescribing my meds now but we havne't had any conversation as to why I need them or why I'm filing for SSD.The first visit I did tell him I was sent because of severe anxiety,panic attacks that I...
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    While waiting for SSD approval,do I need to close FB,here,etc accts?

    should I close my FB account and any forum accounts I'm on? I don't use my real name on any of the forums but my FB page is in my name and I have another in my nickname.
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    SSD ??-Please see my post in the SS information thread please.

    I really need some answers. I need to file. I thought maybe it would get seen by someone here since not many are on that thread. TIa
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    Where do you buy your supplements from and do you think you're

    getting the best you can from them? I'm just curious because I take several and I never know which is better. I like Andrew Lessman's from HSN because there are no fillers or additives in them but they can be expensive for me. So where do you buy yours from and are you satisfied with them?
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    Do you know why my nails are turning a dark pink color?What does it mean?

    At least 6 of my fingernails are a dark pink. They have been this way for awhile now. I haven't used nail polish in a long time. I have FM and I think I have CFS also. I have some thyroid issues,was DX with a goiter but can't see the endo again because I lost my insurance. My nails are in...
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    I'm a vegetarian so I don't know how to do WW

    I don't eat meat but lately every now and then I've eaten a little bacon and ham. I will not eat chicken,beef or fish. I've wanted to try WW but everything I see has meat in it. I wish these weight loss companies would realize that not everyone eats meat. Any recomendations?
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    Need help getting rid of roaches.Any suggestions or tricks.Please!!!

    My sister moved into a house a couple of months ago and it had them so when I go over there I don't ever take in anything I'm gonna bring back out so I wouldn't take a chance on bringing any home and they don't ever come here. I work nights so they don't want to bother me. But now in the last...
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    Jaminhealth I have a question for you

    You referred me to the website and I've been there and registered. I've been trying to posts a topic and reply to topics but am unable to. I sent a PM to a moderator and she said to click on a topic,general thyroid,and click on the button called new topic but on my computer...
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    What brand of grapeseed extract do you take?

    I'm thinking of trying this and would like to know which brand ya'll think is best. Thanks
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    I have my 1st appt with endocrinologist next week.Have goiter and ???

    I've been telling my Dr for a long time that I think I have a problem with the thyroid but of course it comes back normal so she wouldn't do anything. I had blood work done again on the 13th and she had me get an ultrasound on my neck. She said when I turned my head she could see a swelling on...
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    What test should I ask for?Goin to Dr Tu @ 1:00pm

    I'm having blood test tomorrow and I want a complete work up. I want everything and I mean everything checked. I have FM and I suspect CFS. RBC-WBC-TSH-HORMONE LEVELS-LUPUS-DIABETES-CHOLESTEROL-TRIGLYCERIDES-VIT D LEVEL-VIT B-AND ALL THE REST. So what else do I need? Last time I told her this...
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    I don't qualify for LTD at my job & not sure abt STD so can I buy it myself

    At my hospital you don't get LTD if you're PT and I don't think I get STD either but I'm going to ask. If not can I purchase it myself thru Aflac and have it deducted from my paycheck so I can use it ?
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    If I'm working PT now is that going to effect my SSD?

    I always worked FT and sometimes 2 jobs but the last 2yrs I've been working PT. Now I;m worried that when I finally do file for SSD they will go by what I've worked the last few yrs instead of considering the lifetime of FT work. I know on my SS info we get every yr it shows what the SSD would...
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    Does anyone know if I can still file 2008 taxes thru Turbo Tax online?

    I filed an extension for 2008 and I forgot to file and now after filing one for 2009 I received a letter from IRS telling me I need to file the 2008 taxes. Do you know if I can still file the 2008 online thru Turbo Tax? I've filed the last few yrs with them.
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    Has anyone used a former SSA Representative when filing for SSD

    In 2006 when I lost my FT job and went on unemployment I found this woman in the phone book in the yellow pages under attorneys who said she worked for the SSA and now is a legal rep. She said she can handle the cases except for going in front of the judge,I think that's what she said,it's been...