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    Looking for a good pillow

    Looking for a good pillow with good neck support and not too hard-I'm a side sleeper -The memory foam is too smelly for me- I need something scent free or all natural- any recommendations? I think I saw a post for good pillow on amazon, but can't find it.
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    Total hysterectomy scheduled with da vinci--looking for any advice

    Hello all- I'm in the fibrl/chronic neuro lyme category. I've been having increasing pelvic and abdominal pain for over a year when they discovered a complex ovarian cyst on my right ovary 5 cm. The day before my surgery which was april 5 the ca -125 numbers came back at 854. During the...
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    High CA125-no cancer? stage iv endometrosis with ovarian cysts/hysterectomy

    Hi all- I'm back- I'm 51 years of age and menustrating still like clockwork! My story expanded from just dealing with ovarian cysts--I decided to go bio progesterone 6 months ago and try the modified gerson therapy for my fibro/neuro lyme and gyn issues ( cysts on each ovary, thickend uterine...
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    Are there any details on Rich Carsons healing diet/juicing program?

    Hello everyone, I read Rich Carson's founder's corner healing story. Is there any details on exactly what diet he ate/eats to recover and what his juice program was/what type of juicer he used (i.e the high end Norwalk Juicer for example that Gerson uses in their healing program)?
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    lyme message board gone?

    Looks like the less active message board i.e LYme, MS etc are gone?
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    progesterone cream/bioidential --any bad side effect for lyme/fibromyalgia

    Hello Everyone, Since developing complex ovarian cysts, I was tested for my estriol/progersterone level and according to a specialist I'm working with and the late Dr . Lee I am progesterone deficient. I started the progesterone cream a week ago (bioidentical natural progesterone) and I've...
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    Systemic Enzymes -has anyone tried them?

    Has anyone used systemic enzymes? I'm looking at trying Neprinol for my fibro/lyme/poor circulation/neuropathy/ovarian cysts I've read they are good for all of those things- so going to try it and curious if others have.
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    Complex ovarian cysts- anyone go through this? How did gyn surgery affect?

    Hi everyone- I was diagnosed with a 5-6cm complex cyst on my right ovary and a 2 cm complex cyst on left. Also thickened uterine lining and a few small growth there as well. I had polyps removed 3 years ago. I'm 50 and still regularly menstruating. I'm wondering about hysterectomy, ovarian...
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    Now have complex ovarian cysts and uterine growth issues- considerations?

    Hello everyone-have not been on the board in awhile.. In additon to the fibro/neurolyme-MS type issues - I was diagnosed with a complex cyst on each ovary- one 5-6 cm on the right, and one 2 cm on the left and thickened endometrial lining with some small growths. I had polyps removed 3 years...
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    Dynamic Neural Retraining- amazing testimonials-anyone tried this?

    Anyone tried this? I love the idea of using the brain and neuroplasticity to heal the body!
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    Disability appeal denied question

    question- has anyone been denied on an appeal and then successful in a settlement with a major insurance company? If so, what should be the lawyer fee in a settlement case? Even with a strong case, long history of chronic and progressive symptoms including MS type, functional capacity test...
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    Has anyone tried neurofeedback. This is very different from biofeedback and not the same. Check it out on the internet. Very interesting that it is used for chronic illness, chronic pain, brain injury, autism etc etc.
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    Gerson Therapy for cancer and chronic disease-great documentar

    Saw this great documentary posted on lupus blog- I've read about the Gerson Therapy in the past, but this made me open my eyes. Very thought provoking and hopeful. The therapy is not for the weak of the heart and expensive with the amount of organic produce on must consume with hourly juicing...
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    Stop GMO foods

    Watch the video with professor Huber below. It is outrageous that now GMO alfalfa hay and sugar beets are approved for GMO along with Soy and Corn. And we want to push this crap on the rest of the world. Autoimmune, autism, cancer, disease rates are exploding. We are what we eat. Now we want to...
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    meditation helps releve pain Interesting study on pain relief through meditation. My experience has been that if I mediate on a regular basis-it helps my body heal and improves my sleep. I have to do it every day though.
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    My employer LTD is through Metlife. My history is fibro 13 years, last 5 years progressive neurologial MS type symptoms starting with optic neuritis. I fall into unknown neuro disease or chronic lyme category. I have letters from my GP, Neuro, and Naturopath (with neuro supporting the current...
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    Has anyone tried the biomat?
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    Interview with Dr. Wahls -her MS recovery story "minding your mitochondria"

    Here is a link I copied from her facebook page--It is a fascinating and inspiring story- she has written a book "minding your mitochondria" and has a website and facebook page. She is recovering on modified paleo diet-no grains, no dairy, lots of raw veggies (9 cups per day), a small amount of...
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    Interview with Dr. Wahls ( "minding your mitochondria")her MS recovery

    Dr. Wahls has written a book (minding your mitochondria) on her recovery from secondary progressive MS through intense nutrition and electrical stimulation- I bought the book- she's using the nutrition approach successfully with other chronic illnesses and brain injured patients of hers. Here...
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    Low WBC (low white blood cell count)

    I'm curious how many of you have low WBC--I've been getting my physical for 20 years from the same GP-he just now pointed out my low WBC (he is getting into lyme now)-we looked back at my records and I've consistently had low WBC for along time. He says he sees low WBC in his lyme and AIDS...