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    Long time!

    Oh my's been a while! I am so sorry for those that were effected by Sandy! Read some of the posts. I can't believe how much has happened with these disasters. My prayers are with you all. I have had some things going on with my family, health, and you know, just trying to do one...
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    I understand that the heat is a problem all over the country. I can't help but think of us, that don't handle the heat. I so hope and pray, that every one here is taking it easy, drinking lots of water, and staying out of the heat as much as possible. Take care ~ stay cool ~ in every way...
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    Oh my goodness, waaay to long!

    How is everyone? There is a new look on here. I have been a bit busy, but I shouldn't be too busy to at least get on here and check out my friends. I did go through that spine surgery on my neck, so was down for a while with I have MTD..muscles tension dyphonia in my throat/neck...
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    Need prayer for family

    My husbands sweet mother passed away early morning. His phone rang around 2:30 in the morning. So glad he went to see her yesterday. Such a sweet woman. I learned so much from her. Thank you, I know I have many here that will be praying for my husband and our family. Love, Cynthia
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    Wow, I think I did it

    I think I posted a picture of myself with a hatch that I did. It was a while back. I found can re size your pictures there. I went to the 640 size.. you have to click on my name, then about me. I look pretty happy with my babies. [This Message was Edited on 10/01/2011]...
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    How in the world is everyone??

    I thought I haven't been on for a while. Where is everyone?? I hope you are all out there having a blast. A fun kind of blast. lol. So, doing ok here...I have a horrible foot problem going on..anyone ever have Planter Fascia? hmmm, not too sure about the spelling. But I know it's...
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    Happy 4th everyone!

    So grateful for the opportunity to give thanks to all that have served our country, in the helping of preserving our country in what ever way they are in the forces, and yes, that certainly includes the families that are left behind to wait for their loved ones to come home. God Bless America!
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    Oh dear.. :p

    I'm hatching duck eggs! What more can I say? Got talked into this one, and one time only. They are Welsh Harlequin. According to the chart on ducks, are on the endangered list..soo..I said I would try. Keep fingers crossed, it's my first time. Won't hatch for about another three...
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    Who's doing what right now? Spring time?

    We are finally getting some sunshine! My mood has lifted leaps and bounds. It's wonderful to be able to get out and plant! I've planted flowers, vegetables, and I've been turning my chicken flock over. I have so many pullets that I am waiting to start laying. One gal is getting up on the...
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    The sun is out! No rain! Rain coming again this weekend, but no rain for now. Now, hoping that the weather can calm down for those poor folks in the the states that have been hit by so many tornadoes! Praying for all the families. I can't complain too much about the rain we are getting...
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    Husband doing better

    Thank you so much for prayers, yet again. He really did give me a scare..and our son! His ankle is pretty swollen, but like I said he has had sprained ankles before, this one isn't as bad as one before! Windblade, you always offer up such beautiful prayers. Your prayer brought tears to my...
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    I need prayers

    I have been so ill since last Friday night. I woke up with the worst flu I have had in years. It is just hanging on. I feel like I am depleted of most of my fluid in my body. My husband is worried that I am dehydrated because of how my skin is, he thinks I should see a dr., but I am holding...
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    Prayers going out for

    All of the people that are suffering from all of the tornadoes in our southern part of the country. I couldn't believe what I was watching this morning!
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    Wish I could post pictures!

    I thought I had the trick down, by going to photo bucket. But, still didn't work. I did get a picture up once..what in the world did I do right? I can't remember! That would be me! lol.. So, any "easy" ideas? Is there an easy way to post them? Just thought I would mention, that...
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    Well, Princess got worse. Rain, I think you knew something was seriously wrong didn't you.. Today, she couldn't stand to walk. And, she was tumbling down to her side when she did try and walk. My DH and I couldn't watch the suffering..she is gone. What a sweetheart she was. Sorry...
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    Baby chicks

    I have so many baby's like pop corn popping around here. I love it. I have three that I hatched in Feb. that are ready to go into the, have sold some older hens. I'm worried about one of my oldest babies that I have kept. An Ameraucana is holding her head to one side...
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    Spring, winter, spring, winter...

    Our weather can't make up it's mind. We get teased with some beautiful warm weather for a couple of days, then it gets cold, then we hear thunder..which I don't mind..:) then we get warm, today up to 50, warm for us..then wet again tomorrow, then it will reach 60 by Thurs! Whew Hhooooo...
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    We can do two at a time

    How about the smell of spring. We will be smelling different smells, at different times as we are from different areas. Right now, for me it's the rain..instead of snow..which we can't smell..well, actually, we can't smell the rain, we smell the wet, cement, dirt, not sure why that smell is a...
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    Prayers for the many in need at this time in our world

    For the earthquake victims..and the tsunami many already known dead, so many missing. Praying for those that are already missing their family and friends, and for those that are looking for them. This is so sad. Such a huge loss, in many ways.
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    Let's do something different now.

    How about everyone mentioning their favorite springtime sound. This one shouldn't take as long..we can post what we like to hear, or what we just heard...or a poem on sounds..anything goes. It's almost springtime here! Going to be close to 60 today..can you hear me now? lol..I'm...