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    so stupid

    I hate asking this publicly but I see AD and wonder does it mean attention deficate sorry for the spelling ,,,, thanks to all that have taken time to answer my post ,,,
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    my husband had an aneurysm in 1991 in his head ,,, since then he has short term memory loss and someone told me he will have dementia ,,,, could someone tell me more about this dementia ,, I am surely having problems at times ,, especially when the daylight goes down ,,,, he is 64 ,its so hard...
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    Hello Raeb

    Hello I have sent you a message I hope your getting them ,, I guess my I give up mood swing has past for a while ,, for the next two months its my turn to go to the drs and see whats ticking or not in this ole body ,, sort of like getting myself healtherize like winterize ,,, thanks for the...
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    Thank you for reply

    I don't under stand where I go to send a reply to you ,, thank you for taking the time ,, yes its not funny is it ,,, sorry to hear about your mom you are still so young to be going thru this ,, I don't work anymore but my phone here rings many many times from mother ,, I need to stop saying...
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    care giver needs someone,,,,

    Hello I am new here and this is my first post ,,, I am 60 and the only care giver to my 87 yr old mother ,,I have been doing this since nov. of 1990 she does not drive and I drive her to her needs of drs and food shopping ,, etc ,, I do her banking and I fix her messed up remote , messed up...