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    Fell off my horse but still feeling good

    I have not been here for a while. Partly because I am so much better and busy with life! I have been going to FFC for over a year now. I did antibiotic treatment for EBV and mycoplasma. I am happy to say both are looking great. Latest test results are excellent. The bad news is I had a...
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    Weight Watchers magazine FM story

    The May June issue of Weight Watchers magazine also has a profile on a woman with fibromyalgia on page 56. The Dr treats it like a real desease. Maybe we are making progress towards being taken seriously! Lynn
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    Idol Chris voters who will get your vote now?

    Just curious. I think the Paris fans went for Elliot so who will the Chris fans vote for?? I am personally gonna base my opinion on the performance but I am leaning towards Katherine. Lynn
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    Katemac329 where are you?? L
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    Update on my horse and a picture

    Well for anyone who has followed my jorney with my horse Nightingale. Here is an update and a picture! She had a bowed tendon in early January. I did all of her rehab myself and now she is back full force. We turned her back out into the big pasture May 1st. We did our barn show two weeks...
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    How are you? How is your treatment going? when is your next appt?? I have got to get in to meet you! I was gone from the board for two weeks and I feel like I missed alot! What ever happened with your investment QH?? just curious on how you were doing. Talk with you soon- Lynn
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    OT: Gone for a few dyas computer down

    My computer has to take a trip to Dell to get fixed :( I won't be able to check the board or my mail daily for a few days! I hope everyone is doing well and has a wonderful week. Take Care Lynn
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    elsa morningsonshine & all horse update

    We are doing so well now! I am riding Nightingale with no drugs and she has been such a good girl. I have done almost all of her rehab myself. I am walking her for about 45 miinutes total and trotting straight lines for about 7. We have seen her off just a hair we think twice in the last week...
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    OT Elsa and anyone else My horse is back in business!

    Finally after 7 weeks Nightingale was reultrasounded today. She had a slight bowed tendon. The vet said he could not even tell she has had an injury. There is no discernable scar tissue and she looks very sound. So tomorrow we can start workign her again. Taking it slow and seeing how it...
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    I answered you on my retesting thread but I thought you might miss it. I am taking 500mg two times per day or the Famvir. I ahve had no adverse reaction to it at all. I think the Doxy makes me feel a little funky though. Good Luck in treating yourself the Famvir seemed to work for me! Lynn
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    Results of retesting after 9 months at the FFC

    Today I got the results of my retesting for the three major things I have been battleing. I am amazed to see resulkts on paper from reputable labs. I have already been retested for Thyropid which is completely under control and have beaten Candida, normalized my adrenals and raised ny NK cell...
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    atiledsner- Tile question:)

    Read on your profile you designed tiles and I have been thinking about a mural in tile in the kithchen of the new house we are building. Do you have a website of is this a hobby? Where would be a good place to start?? Thanks Lynn
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    Elsa- Horse questions

    Hi Elsa thanks so much for the response. The vet came out without the ultrasound grrrrr. The other vet had it and she couldn't get it the night before. The Sr vet is coming back in two weeks so we will ultrasound it again later. I like him much better only because her has dealt with so many...
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    OT What is in your CD player right now?

    I just discovered Jamie Cullum. HE is terrific and writes sings plays piano and guitar. It is a little jazzy but not too much and I love the lyrics. What CD is in your player right now?? Lynn
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    OT My horse is hurt!

    I have been on the board spaoradically because I Have new horse and have been having fun with her. We have been bonding and just doing great! We had a terrific ride on Sunday and were really clicking. I came in on Monday and got Nightingale tacked up and when I asked her to trot. She just...
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    You'll never believe what I can do! FFC

    Yesterday I took a riding lesson and scraped my horses stall. Next I showered and spiffed up and went to dinner with friends and to martinis at the IMAX. After that we went out Salsa dancing and I got in at 12:30am. Today I cleaned my house and now I am headed back to the barn. I could...
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    Merry Christmas Photo of me and Grant!

    I have been so busy this season! But... not too busy to wish all of my friends here a very Merry Christmas. Love Lynn PS Isn't Grant cute? I am so blessed! L
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    OT: Hemagioma??

    My best friend found out she has a mass the size of a softball in her abdoman and another smaller one in her liver. They think it is a hemagioma. It is pressing on her spine causeng her great pain and on her colon causeing her to not be able to go to the bathroom. Does anyone know about...
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    Wheat Free Sugar Free Recipies

    So many people are asking for Wheat free or sugar free recipies I thopught I would start a thread. Please add on and bump up. Lets do recipies only to keep the thread easy to use! Chocolate CAke 1/4 cup Almond Flour 1 Tablespoon Coco 1/4 Teaspoon Baking Powder 1/4 Teaspoon...
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    OT: Clydesdales are here! Picture!

    The Clydesdales arrived at our barn last night. It turns out the y stay there whenever they are in town. There are 10 horses in this hitch. They have 5 handlers and they travel with the dalmation dog and a miniature donkey. They turned them out in pairs in the Arena this morning so they...