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    What do you all do for excersise? If you can?

    I have a certain amount of energy and when it's gone it's gone. I ride my horse 5 days per week but I really need to ride in the am. If I go on a long ride or show or fox hunt I pay for it the next couple of days. I need to lose weight and I know riding isn't enough but I don't have enough...
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    Broken Ribs How long til healed/resume duties at work?

    I have had cracked ribs during pregnancy too. I had to do bed rest so wouldn't reinjure during childbirth. I also had a riding accident and broke 4 ribs. It took months for the pain to completely go away but I got back on my horse in six weeks and resumed normal activities. I am a weinie...
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    OT What colors should I paint my home interior?

    i always start by finding a fabric rug or artwork I love and pulling a color from that. I wouold go tot he fabric store and find samples of what I liked. Lynn
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    OT: 2nd week of Lost/closed

    I still like lost and want the answers Love Benry! Who is he really? What was Libby doing in the mental hospital last season and what did she want with Hurley? Who is Shepard's (Jacks Dads) daughter he was trying to see in Austrailia? could it be Claire? How did Locke become paralyzed...
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    FFCers: How long did you take Famvir ?

    I was on it 8 months but iut worked for my EBV. I am normal with that one now! I also took Doxy for Mycoplasma. Good Luck I feel much better. I hope it works for you! Lynn
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    My numbers on Hypercagulation were off the charts. I also did Heperin for 8 months and although scary at first it was really not that big of a deal. I took Lumbrokinase too. It breaks the fibrins down and the heperin ets them into the blood stream and off the walls of the vein. They serve two...
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    FFC: Think Twice

    For the person considering Atlanta FFC. I love the Dr there. Her name is karen Bullington. She has been terrific with me and will slow things down if you need too. She has helped me get my life back. I am doing things I never thought I would do again! Check out my photo! I hope you will...
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    Question on Antivirals am I supposed to be this tired?

    i absolutely felt worse before I got better. I felt like I had the flu for a week or so and then gradually started feeling better. I went through Famvir and Doxy for almost 8 months. Now I am doing great. Check out my picture on my profile. The antiviral treatment was the turning point for...
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    Anyone have EBV? Blood Test results and questions?

    Right now I am just taking some supplements like fish oil and the fatigued to fantastic vitimin drink, also Miyake mushroom which is an immune booster. I also take Thyroid for T3 and I still need Ambien for sleep. The FFC is just Fybromyalgia and Fatique Center and anyone can go there. I am...
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    Been gone awhile...

    I got better and life got busy! It's nice to know the board is here if I need it! Welcome back Lynn
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    FFC 16 month checkup

    I started in April 2005. I had EBV, mycoplasma, hypercoagulation, adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues. Everything is cleared up except the mycoplasma. I also got worse before feeling better and it took six months to get on the right track and notice big changes. I have talked with so many...
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    Hypercoagulation: Anybody had this?

    Yest I had it and it was the highest rate the Dr had ever seen. She felt it was important to treat before I started the antibiotics to treat EBV and mycoplasma. I did Heperin injections for about 6 months and took Lumbrokinase. I have been retested and I am completely normal now. I feel tons...
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    Who has had postive chronic/recurrent Epstein Barr panel?

    mine was treated with Doxyclyclene and I am much better. You should also be checked for hypercoagulation. Good Luck figuring out the root causes is a good first step! Lynn
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    Anyone have EBV? Blood Test results and questions?

    Yes yes and yes EBV can cause all of your symptoms and more! I had EBV, and mycoplasma. I also had Hypercoagulation, and adrenal fatigue. I did Heperin injections and Lumbrokiinase for the Hypercoagulation and plain old Doxycyclene for the EBV. It worked. My Ebv is back to normal and the...
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    FFC 16 month checkup

    I am doing well at the FFC and a horsey girl too. I think you do need to watch your sugar and yeast intake. There are as many opinions from doctors about things as there are from horse people about Training your horse! I think you can ride with out killing yourself and exhausting yourself...
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    Fell off my horse but still feeling good

    Thanks for the support! and KellyAnn if you have Lymes it is gonna take you alot longer to heal. I was so lucky I have not had to fight that battle! You be back riding eventually. Even going to the barn and smelling the smells, talking with my buddies and just hanging out and giving...
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    Stormy....Do Probiotics = Yeast infections??? Anyone?

    When I went on the candida diet and started probiotics I also had the mother of all yeast infections. My Dr told me it was the yeast exiting my body so fast (Die off). I took a Dilfucan and it cleared up. I stuck with the diet and the Probiotics and I have not had a yeast infection since...
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    Fell off my horse but still feeling good

    I have not been here for a while. Partly because I am so much better and busy with life! I have been going to FFC for over a year now. I did antibiotic treatment for EBV and mycoplasma. I am happy to say both are looking great. Latest test results are excellent. The bad news is I had a...
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    I buy it at Ulta 3. I liked that because they helped me match the shade I need. Sometimes they have coupons in the paper. It is expensive but you only buy one thing. I buy the makeup and don't have to buy powder anymore. So you save there and one container lasts me longer than the foundation...
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    I am splurging on ice cream right now or peah or blackberry cobbler. and yes I spend way too much money on stuff for my horse! Lynn