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    Searching for cure for ME/FM!

    All - not sure if you are aware - but the Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) is doing a raffle for a Harley Davidson. (WPI are the ones who connected XMRV potentially to ME.) They are only selling 500 raffle tickets and they are $100 each. Perhaps this is a really solid way to get our friends...
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    LDN for CFS or only helps with FM?

    Hi - me again - LDN is keeping me awake at night, so I'm going to switch to day, I think. I can't afford to lose any more sleep. My question is - has LDN helped anyone with CFS/ME? I am very fortunate to not have pain. Most of what I've read seems to imply that it helps with FM but haven't heard...
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    Low Dose Naltrexone?

    Has anyone tried LDN for CFS/ME? I do not have FM. I started with 2mg last night and didn't sleep a wink - had to triple my seroquel dose to get to sleep. Has anyone had good experiences with LDN? Weight gain/loss? Energy improvement? Thank you!
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    Has anyone done IVIG treatments? (Intra Venous Immune Globulin)

    I have very low IG numbers, and I've had an immunologist tell me that IVIG treatments can help me significantly. However, after a very, very bad reaction to Vitamin C IV treatments, I'm nervous. (Not to mention that Cigna hasn't approved despite 3 attempts...) Just wondering if anyone has any...
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    I'm terrified I'm going to lose everything.

    I am having a horrible relapse based on two alternative treatments I tried - Vitamin C IVs and UVBI. The have made me sicker than I was when I first got sick, 12 years ago. I am terrified I am going to lose my husband, my job, and the child we are in the process of adopting - not to mention our...
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    Feel like a bad person - but I'm envious!!

    I have to say - October, although my favorite month in Colorado, always makes me feel a bit sad and downright envious. There is SO much support for Breast Cancer Awareness - and THANK GOD! What an amazing thing that we're helping to close the door on this disease. But, at the same time - when...
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    CFS Doctor in Denver/Boulder Colorado?

    Hi Does anyone of know a good internist (MD) in Denver/Boulder Colorado for CFS? I've checked the "good docs" list, but the ones in my area either don't take my insurance or aren't MDs. If anyone has someone they like, I'd love the info. Thanks
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    Help! Vitamin C IV made me WORSE. Devastated.

    Hi - Wondering if anyone can help, or knows someone who can help. I've had CFS with ups and downs for 12 years. I have been getting better over the years and had a really good summer. On the advice of my docs, I tried a series of high dose vitamin C treatments - 6 over 2 weeks at 75g. This was...