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    For My Friends Over Sixty

    We two feel great for being 60 love Goldie and Cher!!!
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    Happy Birthday to Rafiki and Mezombie

    Love Annie
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    Made it thru surgery

    Glad you are doing OK, but take it easy. Annie
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    Moved: Americans, Do your Part Re: Health Care Insurance

    ....I just have to say that a whole big part of the problem in the USA is that people have a habit of saying " I will only vote for what will work best for me" this necessarily then overlooks the millions of people who cannot qualify for any form of health insurance. We should, as caring...
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    The Porchlight Vol 279 is Closed

    All. I am very caught up with Danny and his various hospital stays etc at the moment so not much time to visit. Just quickly to tell you we are all still here and Danny successfully completed his upper and lower endoscopies yesterday and eight biopsies! We go back for more stuff Friday...
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    Book Club: We need suggestions for our August book.

    a lot at moment due to son's various hospital visits, intakes etc. However, I really loved Carol Shields "The Stone Diaries" plus I just picked up a copy for 25c! to re read it. "from her calamatous years in Manitoba in 1905 to her journey with her father to Indiana...a story of a 20th...
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    Cat Lovers...Please read. I lost my cat to FIV.

    How terrible for you. I am so sorry you all had to suffer so much. There are ferral cats everywhere and many are FIV positive. We had two cats that picked it up whilst in quarrantine care!!! Fortunately, they lived their lives out as indoor cats confined to a small outdoor fenced in area, but...
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    Anyone See "60 Minutes" Last Night?

    Yes, I did see that when it was first aired, wonderful man. Re simple life. We have been trying to live this way for years, partly due to not having very much money due to DH's brain injury and enforced disability (low) for him and me as caregiver. I used to then work from home, but now...
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    Porchlight is open 268 / CLOSED

    I am beat, I cannot stay, but just wanted to say HI to y'all and wish everbody peace, love and joy today. Love Annie
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    I Am Leaving, Sort Of

    Try and come when you can. I am having a hard time with my puter too, so do understand, plus fatigue/heat. Love Annie
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    I'm not feeling very patriotic...

    from the BBC Georgia??? Annie , well done
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    Porchlight 266 is OPEN

    Just a quick hello to say Danny had 4 roots canals yesterday. Usual mix ups going on, but I am learning how to stand up for his rights more. All seems well. Determined NOT the cause of his facial edema. So back to square one. Have not read all the posts yet, will, have a lot on this week...
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    y'all sick of cat cwap?

    Keep em rolling-you should compile this into a book for sure. Love Annie (mom to four kitties)
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    I'm not feeling very patriotic...

    Just a couple of comments. Danny is home and sleeping, he did OK but again they had messed up the apps. and procedures required. Alls well that ends well. It DID rule out this as possible dx. Re Power: I think "Power Corrupts" is probably an expression that says it all. It seems too...
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    Anyone seen Lincamp aka Linda?

    but really worn out by the DD when I spoke with her the other day. I am sure she is just taking a break and doing research, having a rest which she needs, dear lady that she is. Love Annie
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    Porchlight 266 is OPEN

    Thanks for the brekkie Carla. Just getting ready for the trip to Buffalo (shuffal to Buffalo Rock?)for Danny's procedure tomorrow-they will do six root canals and biopsies and cultures. I was reading up on root canals and it seems it would be unusual if the roots had infected his facial...
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    I'm not feeling very patriotic...

    Thanks for saying it so well. I too, love fair excahnge but not bickering. I will be off here as my 14 year old has his surgical procedures tomorrow morning and we are staying o'night at R McDonald house at least one night, we will see how it goes. You know just having RMc house there is...
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    I'm not feeling very patriotic...

    ...because you asked if anyone was actually going to "take you up on your offer" is all. Not specific otherwise. Sorry if you did not want me to answer your specific post, it sounded as if you were throwing out an invitation. I only replied as you had asked for answers to your own question, no...
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    I'm not feeling very patriotic...

    .RE: "ANY TAKERS to listen to something different?" someone who has travelled the world I really do have an open mind, and have heard and seen a lot first hand, and have a son who is currently in harm's way. However, I really do not want to get into partisan discussions on the board here...
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    Porchlight 265 is KLOSED

    Hy Guys....nice day here. Had my hair cut yesterday and it feels soooo much better-starting to look like one of those people ya bump into on the street corners!!!(LOL) I think, not sure yet, that I may have her perm it today-not had a perm since I was 34 and the kids I was teaching all...