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    Vocal Cord Dysfunction

    It was discovered that I have something called VCD or Vocal Cord Dysfunction. It is something others may have and not even realized it. I have put a web site below to further explain about it. When I get very stressed out, I cannot breathe and it feels like I have hands around my throat...
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    Check out this shelter's cool video

    This animal shelter did a great music video and you'll like it.
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    Henri 4 L'Haunting

    Check out Henri the cat in a video that is so good and the end is just laugh out loud
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    The hoaxers are arrested

    In the future, we are going to have to be more careful of info after tragedies that we get so quickly and take as the pure truth. The bad people came out claiming to be relatives and thank goodness they were caught, but we also got caught in it too. ----The so-called uncle of the shooter at...
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    NORAD tracking Santa

    Go to the link below to watch NORAD already tracking Santa. Go to the right and click on WATCH SANTA and it will show you Santa flying through various countries. Very interesting and fun for adults and kids. My cats were mildly amused and wanted to know if Santa flew with a highly...
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    The Catwalk

    Okay, here is a real Catwalk (cat on treadmill)
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    Top wage earners live longer

    Here is an article with a chart further down explaining that aging seniors differ considerably on length of age before death due to income. The higher earners live longer and the lower earners don't. This comes into play when to cut budgets, the officials want to raise the age Medicare...
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    CALM Act effective tomorrow

    "TV viewing could soon sound a little calmer. The CALM Act, which limits the volume of TV commercials, goes into effect on Thursday. CALM stands for Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation. The act is designed to prevent TV commercials from blaring at louder volumes than the program...
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    United Way 211 resources site

    I have put the United Way 211 resource & information site below on the post-it medical & pharm info on the Health Board, but I'm posting it here so everyone knows it exists. It has great info when you punch in your zip code, then click on the bold part of the agency it brings up...
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    Some help for all that junk mail

    CNN had a great article (below) about identity theft. One part of it that I love, have used, towards the bottom, is "Catalog Choice" for free. I found that Direct Marketing seems to have no effect on many places and they still send out junk mail even though you have signed up for no junk...
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    Karen Carpenter--I was shocked

    Karen Carpenter was a singer and drummer with the group "The Carpenters" and she died in February 1983. It had been stated on TV back then that she was anorexic and vomiting so that it impacted her heart and her heart gave out and that was the cause. Today I researched her to see if there was...
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    THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all for the wonderful responses and the support. I read each one and appreicate it all so much. I am very sorry that in the process, I brought back to you some bad past memories that some of you had and my heart goes out to you. Shelby the cat has gone to bed with...
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    NASA tells space station is near your home

    NASA has a great program that you can tell your kids, your grandkids and even you might be interested. You can sign up at the NASA websight below to have NASA send you an e-mail or text alert BEFORE the space station passes over your home!!
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    Operation Freedom Paws for Veterans

    Read the CNN article below about how the Operation Freedom Paws program is training PTSD veterans and dogs to become a team with the dog as a service animal to help that veteran. To get the the veteran directly involved in the training of the dog gives the vet "a mission and a purpose." The...
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    Cows with Guns--By Weird Al

    I thought this video was clever. It's by that comedian Wierd Al Yankovich. I love who arrives at the end to save them.
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    Alert--using store electric scooters

    Today I saw an extremely large man in sweat shorts that had fresh defecation (poop) on the back of his shorts, go into the supermarket and use one of the store's electric scooters. What this means to you is if you use store scooters, start bringing some sort of wipes with you and consider...
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    Yes, today is National Doughnut Day. Read below about when they were created and maybe enjoy one yourself today to "celebrate."
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    Man climbs Chicago skyscraper with bionic leg

    Read the story below about an amputee who climbed the stairs of the Chicago Willis tower using a new type leg. It's referred to as a type of bionic leg because it works off the signals from his brain. INCREDIBLE AND INSPIRING. I hope in the future it can be given to so many of the injured...
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    Glow-in-the-Dark cats to help fight AIDS

    Read from the "Smithsonian Magazine" how Glow-in-the-Dark cats are a step in research towards fighting AIDS.
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    Video: The Grumpy Cat

    This was video of The Grumpy Cat From TV's "The Soup." The cat's name is "Tardar Sauce" but it's owners call it "Tard" for short. [My Cat Shelby said she'd look like that too if someone was calling her "Tard."]