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    I wish I had gotten back on here earlier. You shouldn't have stopped abruptly and that would make you feel just as bad. You have to come off it just as slowly as you are supposed to go on it. The results you had initially are because you went on overload from too high a dose to start. I...
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    Bake Sales for Fund Raisers

    I would put up the sign per the Health Dept because if they show up and you don't have the sign, you might get a citation and a fine. And if anyone were to get sick from some person's baking, that sign might help somehow. I think more than anything else, it's because some ingredients get used...
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    questions about respiridone

    Talk to your pharmacist as they can tell you, particularly about any suspected links.
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    Below go to Chart Number 3, which is the recommended way to get to the top dosage you need, and it appears your doctor has you going way too fast. You can do it your own way and be safe and I would. My neurologist did it very slow and was concerned and said it must be done very slowly...
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    I'm in the chronic severe migraine category. The neurologist put me on Topamax at a low dose to start out then gradually got it higher. I did okay starting low dose and slow. Some people say they notice some confusion and that may pass or not. It may take a while to determine what your final...
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    TIA or Not

    Our Hospital Emergency Room always discharges patients with special ORAL AND WRITTEN instructions to follow up and see your family doctor or Primary care physician within 48 hours or if you are discharged on a Friday, then to call and see him/her on Monday.
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    Senior Meal Sites

    Below is a press release out today about the Recovery Act that will provide funds for Senior Meals. Scroll to the link to check on the states, find your state, and then see what you find from there.
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    Do you get back pay after winning a ssi hearing?

    If you lost your SSI and then appealed that and won so that your SSI was restored, you should probably receive SSI backpay. Depending on how much, if it is a lot, a smaller amount can be paid in one lump sum. Larger amounts usually are paid in 3 lump sums.
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    Need advice - herxing from coconut oil

    I don't know if you are herxing or just having a common reaction to starting out on coconut oil. I am putting a link below that people have discussed their reactions. In it someone mentions the directions, which mention two symptoms you are having: BR&gt...
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    Denied social security benefits

    No one can tell you for sure if and when you will be approved. If you originally applied in 2010 and haven't worked in over 14 months, that meant you must have been originally working when you applied. This can cause some problems with the Social Security Administration as most people are not...
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    ssd verses ssdi

    Below is the actual Social Security Administration site that goes over the differences. When it says the blue "insure" click on it and it explains what it means by insurance and that's about having so many work quarters necessary to qualify for SSDI, instead of SSI...
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    GOOD news!!!!!!

    Here is the government site for applying for Medicare. I automatically received into in the mail, but with it being a government system, it may be overlooked for you and you can go on the site below and go towards the bottom and call and see if paperwork should have been received by you...
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    ALLSUP - Has Anyone Had Success With This Company?

    I did not know that Allsup was working for insurance carriers as part of their short term/long term disability plan management. That is new to me and probably others here who have used Allsup. I did not use Allsup. I understand that some of the long-term disability plans insist you apply...
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    I cannot have dark or milk chocolate at all because they send me into horrendous migraines. Even tiny particles in a cake or in a desert will get me really bad. Chocolate liquor is used in dark and milk chocolate, but not in white chocolate. But I can eat White Chocolate without any problem...
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    Grieving My Mom

    I'm so sorry for the loss of your Mom. I wish you strength to get through it. I wanted to make a suggestion. When you are strong enough, why not have a service either all by yourself, or however you want, and wherever you want, to honor your mother and provide the dignity, respect and...
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    My Mom passed away almost a month ago

    I'm late in responding, but I read what you wrote. I'm so sorry for the loss of your Mom and the problems with your brother. I also had problems with my brother during the last part of my Dad's life. You will be surprised as I was, to learn that many like you and I end up having to deal...
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    Severe burning/tingling in neck and arms and spreading :(

    I get furious when a medical insurance carrier says that you have to have PT before you can have an MRI. I had that happen with another medical insurance carrier years ago. It makes no sense and actually you need the MRI first to see what is happening so that the MRI can properly ascertain...
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    Vocal Cord Dysfunction

    He put some type of fiber optic real skinny like scope down the nose and further down to look at the vocal cords and around that area. It sort of spooked me and I went into really bad anxiety and the vocal cords closed and I couldn't breathe and he could see it with the scope and got it out and...
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    Vocal Cord Dysfunction

    It was discovered that I have something called VCD or Vocal Cord Dysfunction. It is something others may have and not even realized it. I have put a web site below to further explain about it. When I get very stressed out, I cannot breathe and it feels like I have hands around my throat...
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    Disability advice

    So my question is did any doctor suggest you apply for disabilty and if so, on what basis? Usually patients apply for disability when a doctor suggests you apply because your condition(s) have deterioriated to the point where he/she believes you should be on disability. Then that doctor will...