A Cheap and Effective Test for Chronic Fatigue Developed


Following on other recent breakthroughs, an inexpensive and sensitive blood test for chronic fatigue syndrome has been developed, though is not yet ready for the marketplace.


For a good report on the significance of the test, read on Medscape the article entitled "Biomarker May be a Diagnostic Test for ME/CFS" dated April 19, 2019, by Miriam E. Tucker. One needs a Medscape ID to read it, but that can be obtained for free.

ME/CFS is no longer psychological.
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It is way too soon to be getting excited about this. It is only in the very early stages of testing at the moment, it hasn't been replicated, and only 20 ME patients with 5 matched and 15 non-matched controls have been tested. As one person pointed out, it could be that the nanometer is picking up something such as anxiety in the ME patient's blood samples. It could be that all people who are sedentary would test positive including those that are considered 'healthy'. :(
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