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a more relevant and useful liver function test, not just enzymes

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I just answered a post for someone and figured this was something everyone may be interested in.

You can get a better test of liver function from a place called Genova Diagnostics (formerly known as Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory). Here's what they do:

The innovative Detoxification Profile from Genova Diagnostics assesses the body's capacity to carry out detoxification through functional challenges-caffeine, acetaminophen, and salicylate-which evaluate specific aspects of the detoxification process and free radical damage. These functional assessments provide a comprehensive profile of the body's detoxification capacity and potential susceptibility to oxidative damage.

This test measures the clearance of challenge substances in two salivary specimens; the products of detoxifying reactions are also assessed in an overnight urine specimen. In the Comprehensive version of this profile, the urine specimen is analyzed for levels of lipid peroxides. In addition, various oxidative markers are assessed from fasting blood specimens taken the morning after the challenge. These tests are sensitive indicators of biological detoxification status.

It say only healthcare providers can order their kits so you'll need your doctor to do this. Then you need an alternative medicine doctor to help you decide on a detox profile based on your results because regular doctors just don't know this stuff.

website: www.gdx.net

I would love to hear from anyone who has done these tests.

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Hi Karen,

A long time ago (1999), a physcian's assistant (at the office of an integrative medicine doctor) had me take these Liver Function tests from Great Smokies Labratories. The tests indicated that my detoxification profile results were outside of the normal range in three of the four tests.

Unfortunately, I was never able to schedule a consultation with the doctor to review the results. So no specific treatment was ever provided for my problem.



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It cost me plenty...all alternative medicine does. His liver was slow in some areas. The D.O. then wanted us to buy all her special concotions. After paying for testing and doc bills, we bought most of it. The other thing was that my depressed son didn't like taking a mountian of pills. The special protien powder tasted very bad.

I know that you, as an adult, won't struggle with all this as much. It seemed like it was beginning to help, until he quit trying. He struggles to this day, but its a "heart issue".

I've gotten a lot of self-help from Sandra Cabot, the Liver Doctor www.liverdoctor.com They answer email too.


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..still waiting on my heavy metal tox profile from same lab.

Anyone know the price? I want to make sure I'm not overpaying.

Also, i'm told the guy who founded Genovations (formerly Great Smokies) has written a book which explains what to do depending on your results...