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Abilify has helped my fibromyalgia A LOT!!!

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know, I started taking abilify a couple of weeks ago for depression. However, it has helped my fibromyalgia so much I am off of the tramadol I have taken for 10 years!

Pain is down, mood is up, muscle twitches and clenched teeth are gone. My feet which have also been the most painful part of my body, now just "burn" a bit. My muscles and tendons have relaxed. And I have energy to do stuff. I am actually functioning like a regular person.

As a note, my fibromyalgia has not been a "light case." I was in bed for several years on morphine and phentonol and anything else to relieve the excruciating pain. The past several years I have been better having taken transfer factor and Vitalaxin ( sold on this site) However, this is the best I have felt since I got sick, both mentally and physically.

I know we are all different with medication, but I pray that this medication will help at least some of you as much as it has helped me. I know that most of you, like myself have tried anything and everything to try to get better, and been disappointed each time. This really has helped me tremendously and I hope it will help at least some of you.

I believe Abilify does something to dopamine receptors. However, it seemed like when I read the information on it, it would increase dopamine if needed and decrease it if needed. But that was some time ago.

It is TERRIBLY expensive though. On the light side. If you will show a letter of denial from medicaid and your income is low, you can get it free through Astra Zenica.

If you all remember, I was also the one who stopped taking Lyrica due to having symptoms of MS. Those all have thank God cleared up. I have also heard about the MS symptoms from at least 2 other people I know.

Anyway, wanted to share

Praying for everyones relief



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I wanted to bump this up as I feel this medicine is worth a try for at least some of you. I can not tell you what a huge difference this medicine has made in my pain


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I'm wondering if this can help someone who has aches and pains but not from Fibro?

My mom has Parkinsons and she seems to have a lot of pains so I think I might suggest this to her doctor.

Thanks again for posting.

I would be really cautious about suggesting this for your mom....it is actually an antipsychotic, and it can cause movement issues (inc, but not limited to; tardive dyskinesia and muscle rigidity), and it is counterindicated for a lot of different grps of people, inc the elderly and those with various other medical issues.....since Parkinson's already causes movement issues it may be a bad idea....also I don't know how old your mom is, but like I said, it is not suggested for use in the elderly bc of several big issues (inc increased rate of death)


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From what you're describing it would not be a good idea for my mom. She def. has issues with muscle regidity so I don't want to add to that.

Thanks again and good luck with this.


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I am so glad to hear you have relief from this medicine.

It really does make you think just how much the depression/anxiety issues are related to the physical pain and fatigue.

I was curious about a couple of things. What kind of doctor do you go to get Abilify? I just wondered if it had to be a psych doc or not. Also, did you have to taper off your Ultram or just stopped taking it?


Happy for you to have found something that works for you.

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