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So one Saturday afternoon out of the blue, I could not hear with my left ear. Nothing hapened, I didn't have a flu or anything else. Got scared, went to the ENT, had tests, they told me I can't hear (well thank you for the info, that's why I came), sent me to Neuro, they had no idea, I was fine as far as they're concerned, sent me for a CT, I was suggested to have a deviated septum surgery, but my GP said I should have treatment first. After 2 weeks of antibiotics and strong anti-inflammatories, still nothing. Then I told my GP I refuse any more meds. He suggested Accupuncture and sent me to this 98 years old doctor. In 4 sessions the miracle happened, like I never was half deaf, I could not believe it. Now at my second round of 15 sessions and fell amazing, getting treated for all kinds of aches and pains.
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