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Acid / Alkaline Burns --- Could They Cause Leaky Gut Syndrome; Other GI Issues ?

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I watched an excellent YouTube video today, and learned many new things about GI problems, many of which are prevalent among pwCFS. — Highly acidic hydrochloric acid (HCL) is secreted in the stomach for digestion, but it's generally not a problem because the stomach is designed to protect itself from this acid. However, the rest of the GI tract cannot protect itself from HCL, so when food saturated with HCL enters the intestinal tract, it is imperative it become neutralized. If it isn't, it can create acid burns along the entire length of the intestinal tract.

This 22-Minute Video describes that what neutralizes this HCL is highly-alkaline bile secreted by the gall bladder into the intestinal tract. If the gallbladder is congested and unable to secrete the necessary amounts of neutralizing bile (up to a quart a day), then acid burns can occur along the entire 30-foot long intestinal tract. Interestingly, if the gallbladder tries to "squirt" the bile but is unable to, the bile can back up into the liver, and even into the pancreas and surrounding areas, causing what's referred to as alkaline burns. If it affects the pancreas, it can be a contributing factor in diabetes.

I've seen many threads/posts on PR about leaky gut syndrome, various gut issues like constipation, probiotics for gut health, etc., but I don't recall ever seeing anything about acid and/or alkaline burns. Makes me wonder if they could be responsible for some of the gut issues pwCFS deal with. — I learned from this video that bile is also important for stimulating peristalsis, and kills bacterial and fungal overgrowths (such as candida). It also kills all sorts of parasites and other unwanted visitors in our systems (over 50% of our immune system resides in the gut). It all makes me wonder how often our gut issues stem from a congested liver and/or gallbladder.

As I watched this video, I sort of kept wondering what its “gig” was. Toward the end, they mentioned some products they sell that they feel are solutions to some of the problems presented. I didn’t have a problem with that, but thought I’d mention this in case others might. I actually thought they were some pretty innovative products, ones I had never heard of before. Though I don’t expect to purchase them myself, I’ve already thought of more affordable alternatives that may work well for me.

Best, Wayne
I'm continuing to research liver/gallbladder and gallstone issues this morning, and just ran across this "snippet" as these issues pertain to weight gain:
When your gallbladder is overloaded, filled with stones, and not functioning properly, your liver
suffers. When your liver suffers, your fat doesn’t get digested! Fat not digested = fat stored...

There are millions of people who are overweight, out of those millions 75 % are suffering from
obesity due to a fatty liver and overworked gallbladder!


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Wayne - I'd never heard of this theory before but it sounds very interesting. Back in the 1990's, before I started crashing in 1998, my digestion was all screwed up, though I didn't know it. I was tired, stomach felt off and so on. Doctors were helpless of course. I was extremely fortunate to stumble across a chiropractor who did muscle testing and he was the first to find what was going on. At one time I had a plugged bile duct which was able to resolve with Standard Process supplements and then my gallbladder became inflamed and that was resolved using AF Betafood from SP - the Betafood worked really well. You can google it for more info.

After that I learned all about gallbladder health, what to eat and what not to, etc., although my diet had been pretty good all this time. I never was a junk food junkie or hooked on sweets. But a major thing I learned was that my stomach was deficient in hydrochloric acid. The gallbladder problems would recur off and on, and get resolved, but it wasn't until I started taking HCL regularly that they seemed to resolve for good. I also did a liver detox in 2002 under the supervision of the same chiro using SP supplements. It was a bit rough but I stuck it out for a month and my digestion was much better after that. I had toxins from chemical solvents in my liver from a job I'd had when I was 19. Before the detox, one glass of wine would leave me sick for an entire day and 2 glasses would make me sick for 2 to 3 days. Afterwards, no more problem. I often wonder about the "alcohol intolerance" of people with CFS, whether it's actually due to toxin overload in the liver.

So there are relatively simple ways of getting your gallbladder and liver functioning better. I am 99% certain that if I had not stumbled upon that chiropractor, my gallbladder would eventually have been removed, without solving any of my digestive issues and probably just creating more problems!