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Alcohol and anxiety and PTSD

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The article below from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine was referenced on an SSD attorney's website where others SSD attorneys and SSA people hang out. So it has significance for SSD purposes.

In particular it showed that those who drink alcohol heavily, it rewires the brain and makes it harder to recover psycholocially from a traumatic experience. Interesting to discover this.

"Holmes said the findings are valuable because they pinpoint exactly where alcohol causes damage that leads to problems overcoming fear. "

Generally, SSD does not approve alcoholics for SSD. But there are some cases in which they do in some cases where the "condition exists independently of the alcohol or substance abuse." It also helps with SSD if the alcoholic is in treatment for the alcohol abuse.

So just speaking out loud, I'm wondering if SSD in the future will consider this study positively and see that a claimant's alcoholism rewires the brain to prevent the best results for anxiety/PTSD treatment and grant them SSD or if they will consider that a claimant's alcoholism is the cause of lack of best results and deny the claimant benefits.

Here are two articles to read:

"Heavy Drinking Rewires Brain Increasing Susceptibility to Anxiety Problems"

"Can an Alcoholic Ever Qualify for Disability?"
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if they should or not but I know,in the little town I live in,2 women that are my sisters age,40's,got approved for SSD and they did nothing but use drugs. Both barely worked and both were heavy drug users just getting by,by living with friends or family. One of them got to move into the new apts for the elderly and disabled and was found dead in it from a drug overdose. I begged them to let me move in when I had to start working PT and was losing my house and told them I'd be filing and they said no. I'm still upset abt it. So does this mean that becasue you choose to use drugs so much that you can't function enough to work that you can get SSD. If so,maybe some of us should just go that route and maybe we won't have to wait forever and lose everythig we have.