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This is a board of spirituality/worship. All who enter should be welcome here to worship and enjoy spirituality as they shall. Any person of another belief or faith that you find threatening, then you are weak and your religion is not strong within you and your anger should fall upon you and and not upon those who come here. There are many religions in the world and this board does not indicate anywhere that it is solely for one religion. We can all get along as we do every day in the world.


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Thank you so much, TwoCatDoctors.

I think it would be wonderful if we could avoid all attacks and even debate. I understand that people come to this board for spiritual succor and not necessarily for spiritual stimulation.

I hope we can try to be kind first, to forgive each when we fail to do so, to forgive each other when we stumble and to avoid causing harm while being peace. Of course, since we are all human, we will not be perfect. Well, I won't be!

Thank you, again. I take none of this lightly, I assure you.

Peace to all


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THIS IS PRO HEALTH'S BOARD, NOT GOD'S BOARD, and this board plays by the rules of ProHealth and it's moderators. If you keep this up and challenge and refuse to accept others here, then you are risking either being removed from the board or having the board eventually shut down for fighting.

Let me remind you that the Message Board Rules, which also pertain to this board, contain the rule: "Additionally, the Content which includes, but is not limited to any of the following, may not be posted if it: * is patently offensive or promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual;"

By downing others of other faiths, by telling them that there is only your God and trying to stop others of other faiths or beliefs from worshiping here and spirituality here it is a violation of a board rule and discrimination at the same time.

Tiggy, you're so deep in this you can't see what you're doing and you need to back out because you're the major offender here and you are not here to convert others or remark on their beliefs. We need to keep this board open . So it's time to stay on your own posts and worship freely and let others worship freely without comments on others--reflect on ourselves and do our own worship as that is what the board is for.


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I am an atheist and I dare anyone to say that I am not spiritual.

I am not anti god. My definition of god is just different.

I see God in people, in nature.

I believe the soul is how we act, what we do in life, our true inner being, and the remembering of these things after life ceases.

I believe we have to answer to moral imperatives such as "Thou shall not kill."

Another word for being an atheist is a humanist. I will answer to both.


ETA The people causing problems, though I do not like that word, are a matter of perspective. I have faith we can all get along. We do not have to agree. We do not have to answer all posts. It is called tolerance. Let's respect each other's views.

We may worship in different ways, but I think we are more alike than different. We all need a place like this.

I have no intention of changing any one's religious beliefs. I think people are catastrophizing what may happen in the future when these issues may not happen. How about we get a chance to post. If there are problems after that we will deal with them.

We are a community and communities consist of different beliefs and religions. I am not offended by other's beliefs just as I am not offended by other churches, synagogues and other places of spirituality in my town. I do not see how this is different.

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definition of spirituality

People of a more New-Age disposition tend to regard spirituality not as religion per se, but as the active and vital connection to a force/power/energy, spirit, or sense of the deep self. As cultural historian and yogi William Irwin Thompson (1938 - ) put it, "Religion is not identical with spirituality; rather religion is the form spirituality takes in civilization." (1981, 103).

The above is for people who question why a person who does not believe in any 'God' want to come to Spirituality board.


I have to say i am very hurt by some peoples assumption here that 'their' God is the only God and the only way to be 'saved'. Whatever that means.

It is absolutely disrespectful and ill mannered of any person to assert and implicate that all the people of other faiths are worshipping wrongly.

If i wanted to i too can say My faith is right and makes the most sense....but i have the sense and decorum not to. And the consideration of my fellow board members.

I too can say My Lord Buddha is the only Lord but i will not because i have not seen Him just as none of you have seen Jehovah, or Allah, or Shiva. Our religions are based on belief and what has been passed down to us through the generations and what resonates with us the most.

When someone goes overboard chanting My God is the only God, my God is the only God several times, it speaks of a feverishness and desperation rather than a peaceful serene knowing of and accepting their God.

I see God in a lot of people on this matter what religion they are and they are of all faiths....they practise love, sacrifice, duty beyond their calling sometimes, I see love in these people, I see God in them. And whatever religion they practise or dont practise or are ambivalent about practising, I believe the place they go to after death here is a good one.

God Bless


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springwater- good posst- i totally agree.

lydia- hello- i see your question asked several times. a few people have tried to answer it. I wanted to try and answer it myself. as an athiest, i never came over to the worship board to post, primarily because i do not worship anything, and also felt that i would not fit in, or be welcome. but when it was changed to worship/spirituality, (which i had nothing to do with) I started coming here and reading and posting. My intent was to post on my own spirituality. however i got side tracked when i saw how the "new" spiritual posters were being treated, by some of the "old" posters. That does not sit well with me.

nonbelievers can still be spiritual people. some others have posted definitions on spirituality, that try to explain this. and we didnt have an appropriate place to discuss our spirituality. i would assume that is why Jam asked for a spiritual board. i have no idea if she asked for it to be added to worship board or to be a new separate board.

personaly, if it were up to me- i'd have 2 separate boards. worship and spirituality.

but one problem would still arise on the worship board. what would happen if a Jew, Muslim, Hindu, etc came to worship their god?????????? would they be welcomed, and be allowed to worship as they see fit, without recieving remarks about "no! that's not the right religion / god to worship!!!! you have to worship mine!!!"

hope that helps, and thanks for posting on my other post "things that lift my spirit"!



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This is not a Christian Worship Board. Never has been.

None of the newcomers are proselytizing.

Has anyone tried to convert you? No.

Have we made disparaging remarks about your beliefs? No

Have we said there is only one definition of worship? No

Have we told you to leave this board? No

Please open your minds and hearts to all. What would Jesus do?



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I'm so happy you're here, yet so grieved that you have had to suffer through what would feel like rejection and harm.

Thank you for your wise words! Words of love and respect and peace.

I know you will be a wonderful presence here!


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for your kind words..

Julie - no need to apologize, you & all the others on the porch have always known i am Buddhist and have interacted with me with love and friendship and never give indication that any of you disapprove of my faith.

My post referred to others whose statements were bordering on hysteria by going on repeating the same one thread but this is the last i will refer to it. I have put it behind me now.

Sending good wishes for little Tierra.

Gods Bless


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Jam, Rainbow, Cate, Springwater, Twocats, Kina, etc. etc. I know I left some people out.
Sorry, it is late.

The last two days have been inspiring. First a new president. Now this.

For the first time I think this board will work!!

It has already helped me with my quest for spirituality.

Jam, what a wonderful idea.

Again, thanks to all.

We are all more alike than we are different and the differences are what help make life an exciting adventure.

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Very wise words Springwater. I was never going to post but decided to do so. I consider myself a good Christian but I still have lots in room in my life and understanding, for people who believe differently than I do.

I consider us all brothers and sisters, no matter what or who we do or do not believe in. I see others or many of you also feel the same.

Love to everyone,




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for your sweet and understanding words.

I just cannot see for the life in me why we call cannot get along and not worry aboaut trying to convert others. If others want to try or look into something new they will do so on their own and not by listening to people constantly trying to change them. They will just get upset if others do so.

Please excuse me for not naming you all on this thread !.

Blessings and hugs to everyone here !


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I am so interested in learning about other faiths and beliefs and I think ultimately brings us closer together. Also learning about other faiths and beliefs does not diminish me as a person or diminish my faith. And from what I have read and learned here on this Spirituality/Worship board I feel more positive about the world than I did before because of the different faiths and beliefs and what they have shared here. It gives me more hope for a better world with all these wonderful people in it. And I hope that people continue to come here and share about their faiths and beliefs so that if we are asked about them, we will not judge harshly due to fear of the unknown--instead we will accept and welcome because we know there are wonderful things to learn and we are all brothers and sisters.


This board IS for everyone. It is OK to speak of one's religion and beliefs but it is NOT OK to say that unless everyone turns to that person's religious belief that we are all doomed. I just removed such a post and will remove any others of that nature. A Spirituality Board, by its very nature, is here to give solace to people and so we can learn of each other's beliefs. No one should ever be made to feel uncomfortable or threatened by another or his or her beliefs. Anyone who does this is neither practicing religion nor spirituality. Please, be kind to each other. That is the basis of all religions and spirituality.

Love, Mikie