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Almost healed. Then I exploded.

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After 8 years with FMS, nothing I ever did worked, but I always avoided meds.

This year I decided to do wathever it took to heal. I tried Amitriptyline and Baclofen but they didn't work. Then I was prescribed Cymbalta and took it for something like 4 months. Too many side effects with not much relief at all... I was taking also Zolpidem for sleep.

I started taking green smoothies every morning. The results were unbelievable. In less then a week I was 50% better. I was experiencing days i couldn't even believe. So I decided to clean myself.

I cut coffee, sugar, meat, dairy, eggs, gluten (the last thing to cut was alcohol). And started going off Cymbalta (hell withdrawl)
I did ok for a short period and started having some bloating and stomach pains. It got worse, and worse and horrible.

Then along with that came the brain fog (some like a vision confusion) wich I've never had, the pain in the body got a lot worse and the fatigue too. Everything crashed.

Now it's been 2 months since that happened. My gut is getting slowly better with a loooot of suplements but my brain still fogged. And my body pain still here and the fatigue too.

Anyone have any insight on that?

I was researching about cooper toxicity from being vegan but I'm not sure....

Thx all


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I don't have FMS and don't know to much about all you are mentioning but I do know that starting a cleansing process isn't without risks. All the toxics that are being released have to be processed by your organs as well. I do use gluten, stopping them didn't make me feel better but don't use all the rest you mentioned either, nor do I use alcohol. I'm much much better on the pain part but also haven't had an improvement energy wise or brain fog wise. I avoid meds too because of all the side effects and chemicals that I know have to much of as is anyways and my body isn't able to process. I'm vegetarian, mostly vegan dietwise too since I'm lactose intolerant. I only take B12 and D3 supplements. Haven't heared about cooper toxicity but will look into that. Huge amounts of toxics released in your blood could explain the brainfog but it could also simply be a ME symptom. Hope you find some answers, good luck!