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Alpha & gamma Streptococcus - How to treat?

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You might consider trying Triphala, which is a combination of three herbs that have been proven in clinical studies to treat a wide variety of gut pathogens. I took it about a year ago for a pseudomonas infection.

One of the three herbs in triphala is an herb called haritaki. A 17 year old pre-med student proved that it was the only herb shown to completely kill pseudomonas, which is one of those "biofilm" bacterias that many CFS docs talk about. It was the only one that could penetrate the biofilm.

Triphala was shown to be effective against pathogens like staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus pyogenes -- which might not be exactly the same ones you tested positive for, but it might just help.

It also helps regulate the digestive system, so if you're constipated, it will gently help to relieve that, or if you have diarrhea, it will help that as well.

Personally, if at all possible, I would avoid antibiotics, definitely Cipro. Cipro can cause permanent and spontaneous tendon ruptures.

You might also try replenishing your good bacteria with a prescription strength probiotic like VSL #3, or something from Custom Probiotics. They're both really high-dose, and perhaps if you called the folks at CP, they might even know of a particular strain of probiotic that fights the bugs you have. Probiotics are our bodies natural 'anti-biotics' after all...

Just my two cents -- Best of luck,


p.s. Oregano oil -- yes...too 'hot', too 'strong' for IC (and for certain people -- some swear by it, while some swear by grapefruit seed extract -- both are opposites). There's a website called (I think that's the name) that discusses the best foods for your condition...
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I know this is an old post but I just joined this support group. I also have bad IC and am dealing with lots of CFS and Fibro issues. They all seem to go hand in hand along with intestinal problems.
I am seeing a new doctor and just had my stool anyalysis results. Also showing some strep and staph. Just curious how you have been doing. I am trying to find something that I can tolerate because of the IC and many intolerances to foods and supplements.
I started a detox program yesterday and I got totally sick from it. It also irritated my bladder and kept me up all night voiding with urgency and pain! ughhhh!!!
Oil of Oregano is a killer on my gut too but I can handle Grapefruit Sees Extract ok. I've used Custom Probiotics in the past and they are really good and really nice there too!
I would keep away fromt he Cipro too! It isvery irritating on MY bladder and I think it would just screw the gut up more.
Would love ot compare notes.