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Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Tart Cherry

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By Michael Downey†

Research shows that specific chemicals found in cherries could reduce pain and inflammation.(1,2) All cherries provide substantial quantities of antioxidants and other nutrients. Yet, tart cherries deliver a much greater content of various anthocyanins than sweet cherries, as well as higher amounts of other phenolic compounds and other nutrients.(19)

Guard Against Degenerative Disease and Inflammation with Tart Cherries
  • The potent components in tart cherries have been demonstrated to deliver high-level protection against inflammatory and degenerative diseases.
  • Physical exercise can induce muscle damage that generates inflammation and with it, burning, stiffness, and pain.
  • Thourough analysis and studies indicate that cherries are packed with unique anthocyanins and other compounds that naturally mediate the inflammatory process.(3-6)
  • Standard treatment with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen (Advil®) involves potentially deadly adverse effects, such as stroke.
  • Evidence shows that the weave of complex anthocyanins and phenols in tart cherries provides superior protection against muscle injury - by safely inhibiting the pain and inflammatory effects.
Standard treatment for muscle pain and inflammation has been with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. With over 111 million prescriptions and accounting for around 60% of over-the-counter pain reliever sales in the USA alone, these are some of the most commonly used types of medications.(8) But because they can have deadly side effects, including gastric bleeding, heart attack, and kidney failure, the search for natural agents that could prove more beneficial and safer has gained increased attention.(9,10)

The compounds found in cherries modulate numerous pathways to protect against other conditions associated with inflammation.(11-14) For example, tart cherry constituents can switch critical genes off and on;(15,16) modulate cell-signaling molecules;(17) and target multiple cardiovascular factors - producing, in one study model, an astounding 65% reduction in early mortality!(18)

In this article, you will learn of the multiple benefits found in cherries...

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I've read that fresh cherries need to be organic because they are heavily sprayed with pesticides when grown conventionally. Does it follow that tart cherry extract supplements should also be organic?

You can buy Eden organic liquid tart cherry concentrate and drink it, but the recommended ounce has 26 grams of carbs. Even though there's no added sugar or sweetener, it's still pretty high in carbs.