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Antivirals and TF's

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I am new to this board, I have had CFS for about 2 years and have recently found I have the HHV6 virus via a PCR test. I also have had high antibodies to both HHV6 and EBV for 18 months. I am keen to start taking transfer factors (probably Immunfactor 2), particularly after reading all the fantastic information on this board.

However I noticed a comment from mikie on 01/05/05 where he said "I do not recommend taking antivirals while taking the TF's. I don't think the TF's will work if one is on antivirals." My doctor has recently asked me to start a course of cidofovir (brand name vistide), which I think I will do. Given mikie's comment, I now concerned whether I should also start TF's. I am keen to know if mikie or anyone else can give me more information on the lack of effectiveness of TF's while taking also taking antivirals (or ineffectiveness of antivirals while on TF's)?

I am also keen to know if TF's have any negative effects on liver function as my liver tests show high enzyme activity?

Thanks for any help you can give.
Cheers Spagman (I love spaghetti and used to eats lots)


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/. I hit the send key by mistake.

As I was saying - elevated antibodies to HHV-6 and EBV since May 2007 when my local doc said I had mono. After 6 months he changed diagnosis to CFS.

As to your question, I see a leading CFS doctor in NC. He said it's okay to take transfer factor with antivirals. I have been taking 1.5 grams daily of valtrex about 1 month and just received my shipment of Transfer factor blend 100 from ProHealth which I started today. My doc says 2 per day.

I'll be interested in other comments/thoughts.


I have decided to start checking this board on Sunday nites and I found your posts!

Mikie is a woman :) She used to be a moderator her and is very knowledgeable about the treatment of CFS and FM. However, she is not correct about using the TFs with antivirals. And I think she would agree at this time. The Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers use them together all the time.

The Chisholm Bio Lab says that the TF are very safe and would have no bad side effect on your liver. I, personally, would have them rechecked after the first month and then 3 months later. That's just the way I am...a double checker!

Please remember that after you get to the point where you fill you have stopped improving, to alternate days, weeks that you take it to keep you immune system guessing!



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I just checked in and was glad to see your response/suggestions - I have seen your input on other topics and you seem to have solid experience behind your comments.

This is the first I have heard about liver testing after taking transfer factor. My liver is fine according to blood tests. Do you know if I should be testing?

How much help has transfer factor been to you? Any initial bad side effects?



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I just read some of your posts to Blazer in June of this year discussing TF, bio-identical hormones, and a magnesium/sulfate creme that Dr. Cheyney recommends. All this was good info for me. I'm 59. I have been vegetarian and really health conscious (mind, body, spirit) since college in the 60's. Still, came down with ovarian cancer (lucky for me stage 1, grade 1) in August 2004. Recovered well from surgery and chemo. No recurrence. Really fine-tuned a healthy diet and exercise. Nonetheless, CFS since April of last year.

I'm wondering if you find the TF's from Chilsom labs more healthful than the TF Blend 100 from Prohealth, which I have. I did not receive instructions to take on an empty stomach, but read that Blazer does that. Is that generally accpeted as more effective? Like so many, I have been to many specialists and the only thing they find wrong with me is elevated EBV and HHV-6.

I'm also wondering if there is one doctor who you work with for your CFS? Seems like many of the big names in CFS have different thoughts about the root cause of CFS - viral, mitochondrial, a form of cardiomyopathy, hypothalmic disfunction - and that drives their treatment. Would you agree with this?

So much to learn!!! For me cognitive effort (including time on line) is clearly as exhausting as physical effort. Better close now as I feel my limits quickly closing in. Hope to hear back. Gayle


Wow, you have been through a lot with the ovarian cancer. I am thrilled to hear you have conquered that.

1. Yes, I tend to agree that different things may cause CFS. The reason I think that is because some things that work very well for some do not work at all for others. Example. I have tried the Mitochodria Ignite and D Ribose and neither helped at all to my disappointment.

2. No liver testing is required at all. Merely suggested it since Spagman had elevated titers...only for Spagman.

3. No empty stomach necessary is you open the capsule and place contents under your tongue. The necessary part the of the capsule is in your blood stream in just a few seconds.

4. I felt a more swelling of the lymph nodes. Which I still do in spite of the fact that I can do so much more exercise.
That is why since I have plateaued I like to take it every other week. A week with no lymph node tenderness/swelling.

5.I started out reading Cheney in 1991 and went to his clinic and saw Dr. Lapp. Over the years Dr. Cheney's treatment's have been more successful with me. I am open to all other treatments but have great difficulty finding a doc since I live in a rural area. I am very lucky to have a pcp who "humors" me with my requests.

6. Also, Rich Carson who started this site and I have followed similar paths (Kutapressin) then when it was no longer available the TF's. Since Rich had good sucess with the #9 which targets Mycoplasms, I tried it too and have had improvement with it.

7. Another energy booster for me is the high dose B-12 that Dr. Cheney recommends. Have added two more exercise classes since bumping it up from the 5,000 mcgs to 10,000mcgs daily.
I still spend a least a day in bed resting/watching tv after all the exercise.

8. The TF 100 is no longer available. All we have available that I am aware of is the Chisholm Bio Lab product $160 for 30 and their #2 is for CFS. Their phone number is 1-803-663-9618. I would suggest trying this even if you have to just use half a capsule a day to bring the cost down. Mikie started with opening a capsule and scooping out a bit and putting it under her tongue. Then close the capsule and put back in the fridge.

9. Taking it at bedtime decreases the yukky feeling during the daytime according to the Lab.

Hope this helps!



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Firstly, thank you so much your help, I really appreciate how generous you are with your time and information.

I was wondering if you (or anyone else) knew what the maximum time TF's can be transported (or stored) at room temperature. I am concerned about the effects of having them couriered to Singapore from the US. I expect they will be at room temperature for approximately 2 to 3 days as this is how long couriers normally take to deliver packages here. I am going to purchase the Immunfactor 2's.

Thanks, Spagman


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For your response,

I have seen Dr. Lapp in Charlotte. (I guess you know he no longer works with Dr. Cheyney.) He started me on valtrex and transfer factor. He also sesnt me Bruce Campbell's book A Patient's Guide to CFS and Fibromalgia, which is primarily a book about self-management strategies. After my first read I thought it was too simple. As the months drug on with continuous ups and downs, I re-read the book with greater appreciation for his techniques to understand and live within one's unique energy envelope. I have slowed way down, live a very quiet life and am able to manage symptoms better.

Still, at the same time I want to use all available tools to help improve. glad to heat that B-12 helped you. Dr. Lapp suggestsed to me that I try it and Monday I meet with my pcp to get set up.

I havea naot tried the mitichondrial product you mentioned, but have tried D-ribose which also did not help me.

How much exercise can you tolerate? March 2007 I was lifting weights for an hour 3 days at the gym and bike riding about an hour a day/5-6 days a week with interval exertions. Now I am up to 2 ( sloooow) laps walking around a 1/4 mile track at a rate that raises my heart no more than 105. How about you?

O well. I have to say that my slow and quiet life is filled with things I love. I like yoga, and and am learning more about restorative yoga, meditation, learning to watercolor.

BTW - Prohealth has a product not on-line or in their magazine called TF Blend 100 that is targeted for EBV, HHV-6 and some others. It costs about $150.00 for 30. Dr. Lapp suggested 2 a day, but have started with 1 to try to control costs. I'm going to talk to Chilsom labs about their product.

To both of you, take good care, gaylec



Prohealth (this site) will ship to Singapore. They said that refrigeration would not be a problem. Since they are on the West Coast, it probably goes overnite to you and that should be fine. Or even priority is good. I originally got my TF's from here and I live on the East Coast and they did fine.

Prohealth has the TF's BACK. I am so excited. Two are in their catalogue I got today.

Prohealth's Transfer Factor 100 targets EBV and HHV6 and costs $49 for a bottle of 60. They recommend two capsules a day. But you could start with one and see how you do and move up.

Good News!


PS Glad to share what I know. I walk today because of TF's. People have done their share of helping me along the way![This Message was Edited on 08/08/2008]


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Did you ask Prohealth, or do you already know, what the difference between transfer factor 100 ( the tf that you purchased at $49 for 30) and tf blend 100 ( which I bought for $140.00 for 30!) I'll call prohealth Mon if you are not sure and let you know what they say.


I tried to post to you before you posted in reply but this site had an error. So, waited til now to try again.

Did you buy your TF recently? The catalogue says "New Lower Prices". But none of it is only 30 capsules. I think asking Prohealth is needed. Arron is the person who manages the customer service specialists.

I wanted to reply to your question about my exercise ability.
I will give you my schedule

Sunday, nothing

Monday, walk 1 hour at mall not too fast

Tuesday Pump it Up class 1 hour..but there are breaks between songs so my heart rated doesn't go too high. I use a 9lb weighed body bar. She exercises all the large muscle

Tues evening Yoga Intermediate class 1 hour

Wednesday morn Yoga easy class 1 hour

Thursday even walk at mall 45 minutes-hour not too fast

Friday nothing Rest a LOT

Sat.morn Pump it up class again 1 hour

I keep the house decluttered, laundry, simple evening meals, dishes, do bill but don't balance checkbook.

I would definitely say that I have a very severe case of CFS and it has taken the TF's to get up to the level I am.

I have no hobbies. Your watercoloring sounds wonderful.
My last local friend moved to N. Carolina two years ago. I am allergic to animals. So, at times, life is kind of lonely. I have found that I can watch some tv if I am lying in bed in a dark room and that makes me feel like I have been around people.

I do best keeping to a a baby. If I do something extra...I might have to sleep for a couple of days.

Most days I am grateful that I have a home, a/c and a very comfortable bed.

That's me.

I hope you are able to get the same TFs at the much lower price. That would be so wonderful!

Also, Blazer and I take Olive Leaf Extract that we get at Walmart for about $5. It is an antiviral, antifungal and, maybe antibiotic (not sure about the last). To my surprise, my toenail fungus is over halfway grown out! I take it in the am and have no side effects.



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I am astounded by how much exercise you can do. I wasn't expecting anything of that time and frequency. I think, from reading other's stories, that I fall somewhere in-between severe and mild CFS, but I couldn't begin to keep up with you. Very good for you.

Re the TF: I agree a call to customer service at Prohealth is in order. I'll call Mon and let you know what they say. Yes, I did order recently - within the last 2 to 3 weeks. The particular TF I ordered is not listed in the catalog or online store.


I remembered that I did not start the morning exercise clases until I was on the high dose B-12 injections (10,000mcg daily) and the Kirkman Magnesium Cream..$18. You can google and find it. I use much less then they recommend so it last me 3 months, I think. Before that I would take a morning nap and an afternoon nap.

That is really weird about the TF costing so much more. I hope that gets straightened out. Post about it if you feel it is appropriate.




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Just talked to Aaron at Prohealth. The TF Blend 100, costing $140.00 per 30, is what I bought and is targeted for EBV, HHV-6 and others. this is the targeted TF that they havae in stock now.

The TF system 100, costing $40 per 60 is also targeted for EBV, HHV-6. They do not actually have this TF in stock now, but hope to within 6 to 8 weeks. Aaron siad they are really hopeful to have this as it has helped so many people. Also, they have placed it in their catalog altho it is not yet in stock.

Hope this clarifies the issue. gaylec