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any news on tf for prohealth?

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Got the latest prohealth wellness e mail. Now no titles for transfer factor on the it was taken off the front page. I wonder if they are backing away from tf.??? or what. Yet, on the phone they will say that they are working on other t.f.'s...coming later. Do any of you know anything on that? more quest. Do any of you take your Mycoplus and Blend 100/formally known as tf C....both at the same time. Like it says to do one a day...ok, so like before bed last night, took both t.f.s.
How do you all do it...???Thanks gang. Blazer


I am been away for awhile. My sis in law (age 42) developed MRSA of the lung following the flu. They have three kids 11,9 and 7 she homeschools!! So my twin and I went to take charge!
She has made it through the worse but still in ICU. Her sis is taking over now.

I have never taken them together. I have wondered about it but just didn't want to spend $300 a month.

Dr. Carol Ryser prescribes several TF's at the same time but she doesn't say which ones. Let us know if you feel better or worse by taking them together. (Sad we have to be our own guneia pigs).