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Any Suggestions on How to Stop my Sugar Cravings?

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I crave sugar so much and Halloween is terrible for me because I go crazy over the chocolate. There are times when I would eat cookies or brownies for dinner. It's awful. I have always had hypoglycemia and I know that is a symptom. I have heard there are herbs out there that help with sugar cravings. I have a feeling if I stopped eating sugar I would feel more energy and less pain.



It's hard but the only thing that works for me is to eat a good source of protein with every meal and very light carbs - such as vegetables, like salad, zucchini, broccoli etc.

Processed foods and heavy carbs - like potatoes, peas, corn, breads, pasta - only drive the cravings more.

If I eat protein first in any meal - it satisfies faster and doesn't drive the hunger...

Hope this work for you. Good luck!

God Bless,



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I have the same problem, deserella; I know I just have to get serious and not eat the sweets. It feels like I go through physical withdrawals, though. The cravings are horrible. I get such a headache and feel so weak when I try to quit eating heavy carbs. I'm going to start weening them out of my diet little by little. Maybe that will be the method out of the madness.



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Are my nemisis. I believe my body is craving sugar as an energy boost to help me make it through the day. It's really hard. After years of trying to do it on my own, my doctor has finally given me glucophage - it's a diabetes treatment, but I take it in a very low dose and it helps tremendously. The thing is, you have to find a doctor willing to prescribe it for off-label problems. I do want to take as few drugs as possible - but this is one that helps me. Good luck, I know it's hell.


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Weight and appetite has always been a big problem for me ever since i developed cfs. My well known CFS doc recommended trying Prozac to see if it would help my cfs. I reluctantly gave it a shot. It did not help my cfs, actually i didn't notice anything at all. However after 1.5 months I have lost 7 lbs. without even trying so i plan on staying on it if my doc will let me. My appetite has been cut in half. I googled it and weight loss is a side effect. I'm only on 20mg, that's the second smallest dose. Its worth a shot. it is working for me.



Hi deserella, I have noticed that I crave candy more and more as the weather gets colder. my peak of weakness is in January....each year I end up addicted to something....last year it was Milky way candy bars, one year york peppermint patties!

The worst offender to cause sugar cravings was CYMBALTA!!! I felt like I would die if I didn't crawl into the kitchen and dish up a HUGE bowl of vanilla ice cream drenched in T. Marzetti's caramel/butterscotch combined topping.....The year I was on Cymbalta was not good. I gained 50 lbs in 4 months.....i was 125 lbs when I started taking it and 175 when I told my doc to stick it! He had urged me to stay on it because I was feeling better and wasn't it better to be a little bigger and feel better than thin and miserable.....

That depends....If I was feeling fabulous then, I would happily love my new rubenesque body but it was only a marginal improvement.....

oh, and there was the year of the Edy's Chip and mint ice cream.....that was really good....

anyways, i am out of control when I take certain drugs....the cravings are off the charts....

I am going to look into a light therapy box to try and stop the madness this is already bothering me because I live in a northern climate(why?why?why?????)

When I read your post title I had the urge to answer with jusst a simple, " eat a candy bar!" but there are many here that might not see the humor in that!!! heehee!


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Try sucking on a cough drop, one of those mediciny flavors. The taste may occupy your cravings for awhile??